Jija Salman-Salali Salma

in jokes •  2 months ago

coollogo_com-147471519.pngSalman's wife Nagma was from the stomach, then to take care of Nagma, she was returning to her village from her in-laws with her sister-in-law Salma.

In his hands there was a bucket, a stick, a hen and goat rope beside him.

The pleasant moonlight was night and the yearly Salma was beautiful and young.

Suddenly Salma quote- brother-in-law, I'm afraid to walk with you. Do you start somewhat bullying somewhere?

Jizzah Salman - Hey, how can I do some bullying? My hands are surrounded by both hands, I do not want to do anything.

Sadly Salma - how can not you? Now if you stick the goat with a stick in the ground and put the hen under the bucket then you can do whatever you want with me.

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