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One day a person was traveling north to metropolis. desperate to use the lavatory, he force into a lay-by and went into a stall.

He Sat down and was stunned to listen to somebody within the next stall say: "So, however ya doing?"

The man gulped and thought of what he ought to say. so he determined to answer. therefore he cleared his throat and aforementioned, "uh....I'm fine."

Then the intruder within the next stall aforementioned, "So wherever square measure you headed?"

Again the person, alittle nervous answered, "Uh... i am headin' north to metropolis."
Then the intruder asked, "So what have you ever been up to?"

Again the person answered, "Not much, i am really on a business trip."

The man Sat there awaiting another question once finally he detected the intruder within the next stall with impatience say...

"Look, i am about to need to decision you back, some moron within the next stall thinks i am lecture him." ​

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