#DeleteFacebook #JoinSteemit. A couple of tweets by Zerohedge that I thought I would share with you.

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#DeleteFacebook #JoinSteemit - Twitter Campaign

Zerohedge Tweets.jpg

A couple of tweets by Zerohedge

I was just scanning my twitter feed and came across a couple of tweets by Zerohedge that I thought I would share with you.

Credit to Zerohedge for the content in the tweets.

Tweet 1

Credit: Zerohedge

Credit: Zerohedge

Tweet 2

Credit: Zerohedge

Credit: Zerohedge

Thanks for reading and thanks again to all those that have supported the #DeleteFacebook #JoinSteemit campaign on twitter.


#DeleteFacebook #JoinSteemit

Join the #DeleteFacebook #JoinSteemit campaign.

#DeleteFacebook and #JoinSteemit on Twitter

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Facebook is loosing its users and also the profit that he make through selling our privacy to the advertisers . This is really cheap act by mark zuckerberg. This #deletefaceboo #joinsteemit is now famous on twitter am also using this on my tweet. This is really helpful on steem promotion . Good job

When i see your post, that time i take my decesion. & writing it now from my heart.

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my decesion right now.
I am Aafra from Pakistan. Today i delete my facebook & join with steemit.

Dumb f--ks is indeed what Zuckerberg considers the people that have kept facebook standing this whole entire time. Manipulating people into being open and transparent has gotten him to where he has reached.. exploiting people's personal data. Countries like Russia and China stopped facebook in their countries when they saw where it was heading to.. privacy breach leading countries to turn on eachother. And I wonder why someone wouldn't delete he's facebook account to protect he's privacy. This is the time to stop the vice in facebook from going further beyond where it has reached with the gruesome side effects.. And we are starting now to stop facebook... Delete the garbage of facebook, it considers you a dumb f--k. You have a lot to gain when on steemit.

I completely agree with you, the evil facebook does is far greater than the cover up lies it portraits. Come to think of it in reality, the only good I think it does is the Facebook ads thing which is one of the cover up lies the time wasting socia media. Honestly, Facebook has got no future with the launching of other platform based on tokenizing internet { SMT Smart Media Token }, eventually people will realize but the better they get to know about steemit the biggest of all tokenized platform the faster facebook goes down .

Seeing facebooks from the perspective of national securities, facebook I can say has stolen the ideas of the likes of FBI Who legally have access to informations of their citizens in their database but Facebook had advanced to a worldwide database where he can access information of half of the world’s population. I think Facebook should go down now , right now

Hello @stephenkendal, as a supporter of the Delete Facebook Join Steemit campaign, I’ve been thinking lately and I trying to figure out a way to use Facebook as a tool to get people on steemit. A kinda a self destructing tool but to start with , I think Facebook dont allow Steemit adds to some particular extent and that’s why I see the idea of using twitter as a master plan. But in other to enhance and boost the effect of twitter using Facebook as a self destruct tool, I call onto the great thinkers in person of yourself @stephenkendal and the likes of you and everyone to figure out s way to make Facebook as a self destruct tool promoting steemit as a whole

Every time cryptocurrency changees up & down but up count is much low. we don't know what's going on. but we hope it will be back very strongly. we are waiting for that time. Yes sir, you alawys share with us educational post. we learning from your article. We know that you are best in this steemit community. We love you sir. We love @stephenkendal. We love @steemit. We hate @facebook. best wishes for you sir from my heart. keep rocking sir. We are alaways with you. God bless you.

Today I delete my Facebook account
& I create my Love for @steemit

I read the article at the zerohedge website, "the delete facebook" has become so serious since you even started posting about it.
I think we got a responsibility of telling these facebookers what really is happening behind the scenes of facebook. They don't know much about some of these so technical data privacy issues.
Am devoted to letting them know.

zerohedge zerohedge tweeted @ 25 Mar 2018 - 17:00 UTC

"Dumb F--ks": Julian Assange Reminds Us What Mark Zuckerberg Thinks Of Facebook Users zerohedge.com/news/2018-03-2…

zerohedge zerohedge tweeted @ 25 Mar 2018 - 19:47 UTC

Facebook says it doesn’t collect content of calls or text messages; information is securely stored and isn’t sold t… twitter.com/i/web/status/9…

Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.
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steemit is the most popular community in the world
steemit is the best platfrom for everyone

Mark zuckerberg your day is gone

"Dumb fucks really"
So that's what this so called mark thinks about it's user, there is no future for facebook again.

Here is my decesion from today. i delete my facebook from my mind & Accept ny #steemit account for full life.

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Steemit is the really thing. We are tacking over thr are people who never even hard a facebook account but have joined steemit.
I believe the mumber of people is going to become biger than than thoz on facebook in 5year. Becouse this is going is not jst facebook is a bussiness.

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A clap offering to such a man @zerohedge for the oustanding compaign work he is doing on tweeter. Am inspired and constrained by such a great example.

Thanks sir @stephenkendal for sharing these with us here. Its a challenge to many of us here to get out of our comfort zones and amplify the voice of this compaign more.

Very well said sir. mark juckeberg fraud with so many peoples. facebook sales important information also peoples mind. day by day they are fraud with all peoples
But now peoples can understand this issue. they find their fraudness. That's why day by day they are stop using #facebook.
Now we are with steemit. This is beat platfrom from everyone. we learning so many things everyday from here. we are also earn here. this is beat opportunity.
That's why i want to say with you


thank you sir for your support

Yeah, it's crazy how so many people still trust this guy. I mean, he's selling of information about everyone and calls them dumb fucks...

This is very Good Information for us. We steemians are very happy to see this
I just love steemit. few days ago i just use facebook maximum time. my full day goes to at facebook. but i am not benefited by facebook & facebook makes my life trouble.
believe me now start my happy time in this community. lots of learning post. i learning everyday from this community. Day by day i just hate now facebook. i an benefitted by #Steemit

**I delete my facebook today
join with at steemit with my heart.
Thanks @stephenkendal
Thanks @steemit

right dear @stephenkendal



facebook love 00%

steemit love 100%

I give my facebook account to dustbin.
Take my steemit account to my heart.

I just hate my facebook account. That's i deactive ny account. this is too bad for us.
I just love my steemit account. more than my wife. i love you #steemit

#DeleteFacebook. Facebook days are numbered with tbe likes of Elon Musk deletin his facebook account shows the kinda plunge the company is going to face soon

Join steemit
Delete facebook

I have deleted facebook app on my phone replaced it with steemit


I will delete facebook too. And will join with the steemitIMG_20180330_120930.jpg


Join With Steemit

I wish many people cross to Steemit.I saw a few days ago even Elon Musk deleted Space X and Tesla Facebook pages.

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I am also in favor of same slogan
"Delete Facebook and have a steemit account"
I didn't have any Facebook account nor in future..

again I was encouraged by @stephenkendal in pogram #deletefacebook and #joinsteemit, thanks sir @stephenkendal, lets equally memptomosikan steemit in our twiter account

@hamidi103 join @stephenkendal


I applaud your performance @stephenkendal followed by the enthusiasm of the user of steemit one of them @hamidi103 who acted in twiter account with your passion, can I join in the mission #deletefaceebook and #joinsteemit like host @hamidi103 and others?


I think Steemit would be perfect if it allow the users to delete a post or a comment.

Here is my post link sir. please see this.

StephenPKendal Stephen P Kendal tweeted @ 25 Mar 2018 - 21:48 UTC

@zerohedge Great article. Thanks for sharing. #DeleteFacebook #Joinsteemit

steemit.com/joinsteemit/@s… / https://t.co/yHN0ijnmfB

Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

Here's what I Want, and do #drown and #deletefacebook





#deletefacebook #joinsteemit..
I've read your article. I love this.

Yes let the gospel of steemit spread to the world weldon for the good job

very nice bid sir but i did already join in steemit sir and now again looking for insight to learn success.

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Delet facebook....

join steemit............

Facebook chitting us,so
Delet facebook join steemit........

this is my post link sir. if you have some time for me then please check my post.