My Interview With ex-CIA operative, John Kiriakou

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Oct 18, 2017

My interview with ex-CIA operative, John Kiriakou.

Mr Kiriakou, beyond a full fledged American hero, John is a global hero for freedom, liberty, justice and democracy for all. Whatever road we face in the coming days, months, years, I know one thing upon reflection of my time with John that hour: we all have a moral obligation for transparency.

John's family immigrated to the US from Greece in the 1930's. FDR personally greeted his grandparents at the door and helped them with housing and a new life. In reflection I mentioned to John: isn't it ironic that your family had come from the birthplace of democracy, Greece, to the modern shores of democracy, Washington DC. John had been raised, in fact, by having his grandfather teach him the instruction and philosophy of Plato and Socrates. Later in life John decided to join the CIA with the sole purpose of choosing to channel his appreciation for "giving back" to the country that gave him and his family great life and opportunity. After being sent to Pakistan and capturing the "No. 3 Al Queda leader", Abu Zubaydah; what Kiriakou witnessed with his prisoner behind bars in Guantanamo would forever change how many Americans viewed the operation of their government.

It was well documented that George Bush openly denied the US participating in torture. If fact it was the USA that was the driving force behind the CAT (Convention Against Torture) treaty with the United Nations. What John witnessed with his capture of Zubaydah, amazed him. As he heard George Bush openly state on nationally televised television that the US was NOT torturing any of its captives, Kiriakou knew that the US president was blatantly and opening lying to his people. John came out about that. And as a true hero to civilization, of ALL walks, he put his name, reputation and life on the line. For "blowing the whistle" of you will, John was sent to 23 months in federal prison. A man who wanted nothing more than to "give back" and serve the country he felt indebted to, was harshly penalized for telling the truth when it mattered most... when the American people most deserved it - coming from the mouth of their president elect.

So why would John do this? Why did he risk "all" to be honest? To be transparent? To simply tell his fellow citizens, us meager tax paying, law abiding, hard working, salt of the earth, average Joe, every-day, American citizens, honesty? The answer: duty. Moral and civil duty as felt through obligation to walk and act as all American citizens should. And hey, Mr President, that means YOU!

I thank John for doing what he did. I commend John for his bravery. I salute and honor John for the pride he holds his dignity or morality to. John, you're a beacon of hope, truth, justice and liberty to the world. Any man that is willing to uphold these virtues in the name of the US Constitution and and his fellow citizens of America, I salute you. Together, in this Land of the Free, we march together. Thank you John.

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