Joe Rogan Questions NOTHING. Why he 'turned'.

in joe •  8 months ago

Joe Rogan WAS a huge Moon Hoax supporter but his views changed rather abruptly. This gives you some insight into that.. as well has why he is a Round Earth Shill, as he says so himself.

For the past two years, comedian Joe Rogan has made repeated constant attacks against specific flat Earthers and the whole flat Earth subject itself yet refuses to engage in dialogue with any knowledgeable members of the community. The following video destroys Joe Rogan's illogical arguments, strawman fallacies, and general idiocy with regards to true natural science and his unsubstantiated belief that we are living on a tilting, wobbling, spinning blue testicle. To see more videos of flat-Earther's destroying Joe Rogan's illogical fallacies see:

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