Finding Jobs in the Nigerian Labour Market

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Several years ago, the Nigerian economy was expanding rapidly and there were very many jobs available. This created a large number of job seekers who would go to any length to get those jobs.
Today, the Nigerian economy is still unstable and prospects are dimming for job seekers all over Nigeria.

Many employers are now looking for competent employees with experience in certain fields as a way of cutting recruitment cost; making it difficult for new graduates to find work in these fields without relevant experience.

Most of these jobs are not advertised in magazines or newspapers, so candidates must be proactive in their search for these jobs.

Seeking of employment abroad has now become a common practice among Nigerians living abroad. Overseas employment is also an option for job seekers who find it difficult to get jobs in Nigeria due to the recession being experienced by the country.

The government has been emphasizing on development and attracting foreign investments leading to the dramatic fall in unemployment rate from 70% to 30% over the years. However, with this, there will be a decline in demand for labour here and hence calls for recruitment of temporary workers will increase as local business continue to thrive on this new trend.

Source; Topnigerianjobs


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