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ProfileAverage SalarySkills Required
Full Stack Developer$110,500HTML, JavaScript & CSS, Amber, React, Ember, JQuery, API Design and Development,Python, PHP, Ruby, Java, MySql, Oracle, MongoDB
Cloud Architecht$121,000Application Architechture, Automation and Orchestration, Integration Architechture
Product Manager$124,600Leadership & Communication, Vision, Good Analytical Abilities, Relationship Management, Time management
DevOps Engineer$131,000Admin, Coding & Script, Automating DevOps Tools, Git, Jenkins, Maven, Docker, Chef/Puppet, Nagios
Systems Architecht$131,000Strategic System Architechture, System & Network Development, QA Expertise
AI Architecht$147,600Strong Mathamatics and Statistics Background, Technical Expertise on Technologies related to AI
Blockchain Lead Architecht & Engineer$150,000Distributed Ledger Technology, Deep Knowledge of Blockchain Platforms and Implementation, Consensus Mechanisms
IOT Solution Architecht$167,000Hardware Design and Architechture, Security Methods and Implementation, Open hardware standards
Big Data Solutions Architecht$178,000Big Data Stack, AWS, Programming Languages
Data Scientist$242,000Programming, Statistics/Mathamatics, Visualization, Communication
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