The effect of unemployment on our society

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As a full time employee, I have to go to work six day per week. After hard working day, I was often worried about my career in the future and I asked myself that if I lose my current job, what happen? As you may know, unemployment is a burden not only for each unemployed individual but also for society. There are many effects from unemployment, namely, loss of income, losing of skills’s usage, increasing rate of crime and tension over taxes rise.
First of all, when you are out of work, you will lose income at the same time. This leads to a decline in expense of living cost and the rise of falling into debt problems. That's what happened to me two year ago. I have ever been a unemployed person and I had to cut down all of spending during that time like eating outside, buying new clothes and etc. Whenever I wanted to buy something new, I had to spend hours to make decions. Even my friend had to lend me her money to keep up with my mortgage repayments.
Another anticipated effect of unemployment is losing of skills’s usage. You may have ever heard a popular saying that many people use often: “Practice makes perfect!". So If someone lose their job, he or she will not have a chance to practice skills which they were learned. And if they stay in a situation for a long time, the person may have to lose some of his or her skills.
Increasing rate of crime is perhaps one of the most negative effects. Unemployment may force people to take the path of crime. For instance, a 45-year-old man appeared in recent news for allegedly killing an 40-year-old woman at her apartment. Because his company was bankrupt, he became poverty and falled into debt problems. I could not find new job for a long time, so that he murdered that woman to rob money. Unemployment may make some people turn towards crime because of poverty and debt.
Last but not least, unemployment may lead to rise taxes. In times of unemployment, in many countries the government have to spend on welfare payments for families with people out of work. In order to meet the demands of the unemployment fund that the government will have to raise taxation. That lead to bring up discontent and frustration amongst the tax paying citizens.
To summarize, almost countries suffer from mass unemployment and its consequences are not small. Unemployment are not limited to the unemployed and their families but also affect the the overall structure of society. So that government and citizens have to do something to help in controlling the rate of joblessness.

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