Hired - Steem Pump - Cryptos And Gold Going Up? - Asset Protection - Gaming - 233

in job •  3 months ago

I got hired for a job today.


Let's Make STEEM a Top 20 Cryptocurrency - SteemBlast September 3

It seems like Steem and Cryptos and gold might be going up.
Bitcoin Is Looking Bullish - Up More Than 3% Today, Good Start Of The Week (Video)
"This particular uptrend could last another 3-5 days if we are lucky, but around the 2nd of September we will likely take a breather of pull back again since that is when the next time fibonacci level will occur."

Sounds interesting.

Gold Can Go a Long Way in Protecting Your Nest Egg.

I don't think gold will outperform the S&P 500 over the next 10 years but I felt this is a good topic by @maneco64. I was surprised at how well he did with gold.

Esports Career Change? 😶 | Vlog #200 There are some people that do make money playing video games.

Tuesday 8-26

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As long as it does not go way down again, I'm happy with it.


Hopefully it goes way up in the end. I want to be a Steem millionaire. lol


Me too! :) Still a LONG way to go!

At first glance I thought your last link said Escorts Career Change .. ...

Congrats on your new Job !


So you want to be a pimp? lmao


Doesn't everyone and It's better then being the hoe .. :P

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Do you use @dustsweeper?

I'll admit that I did think there was a typo in the last link for a sec but my brain didn't go where @rentmoney 's went. I think he may be hard-up and may need to search for a helping hand. Can you help him find what he's looking for? 🙄

Congrats on the new job!

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