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What's That Job is a series that reviews jobs, why you need communication skills for that job, and the dress code

The job of a baker includes baking breads and other goods such as pastries, muffins,
pies and cookies. Often making around $24,170 annually, (according to the BLS
Occupational Employment Statistics survey), bakers might work in a store, bakery or
restaurant. They learn their abilities either on-the- job, at a culinary arts school, or at an
apprenticeship program. They need to know how to follow a recipe to make enjoyable
baked goods.

Bakers need to have decent communication skills. They must understand what a
customer wants and be able to make goods from the requests they receive. They also
must be able to follow recipes, whether the recipes are written down or given orally.

In the baking environment, there are many chances to get injured. Therefore, they often
wear aprons, to protect their bodies; oven mitts, to protect their hands; and back
supporters to reduce straining of the back.

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I would just be happy smelling the bread all the time and smelling like bread everywhere I go! Might feel inspired to create my own cologne called Bread de toilette