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Yesterday was a Boxing and Jiu-Jitsu day.

One of my training partners showed up and wanted to spar a few rounds. I pulled a muscle under my left shoulder blade lifting the day before and was in pain but I said OK.

He is getting better and throws with power so I can't go slow as I get tagged now and then. So I have to go a little faster than I would like but I really try to dial back the power by pulling my punches.

I have been training a lot harder and thus even though I was injured I was more precise than I have been in a long time. After six rounds I had to stop it because he was taking too much damage. In the last three rounds we had to stop mid round to let him recover.

After that I helped him with his arm bars and foot locks for about 45 minutes.

I shouldn't have done the Jiu-Jitsu because it really aggravated the muscle injury.