Try now Airtel vs Jio vs Vodafone: Best long validity prepaid plans to buy in September 2018

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Jio Rs 399 / Rs 449 prepaid plans
Jio Rs 399 and Jio 449 plans offer similar benefits. Both the plans provide users with 1.5GB 4G data per day, unlimited voice calls (local, STD and roaming), 100 SMS per day and a complimentary subscription to other Jio apps and services. The only difference though, Jio Rs 399 plan is valid for 84 days, making up for a total 126GB data with cost per GB of Rs 3.16. Jio Rs 449 plan, meanwhile, has a validity of 91 days. This one ends up offering a total of 136GB data at a cost per GB of Rs 3.30.

Jio Rs 448 / Rs 498 prepaid plans
For those interested in more than 1.5GB daily data, Jio has a couple of longer validity plans with 2GB data per day. Jio Rs 448 plan provides users with 2GB daily 4G data for 84 days. Hence, users end up getting a total 168GB data with a cost per GB of Rs 2.66. Similarly, Jio Rs 498 plan has the same amount of daily data to offer for 91 days. As a result, users can avail up to 182GB of 4G data in the stipulated period, with a cost per GB of Rs 2.73. Other benefits such as free calls, daily 100 SMS and access to Jio apps and services remain unchanged.

Airtel Rs 399/ Rs 509 prepaid plans
Airtel Rs 399 plan goes on to compete directly with Jio’s Rs 399 plan. However, this one offers 100MB less daily data as compared to Jio’s. Airtel Rs 399 plan provides users with 1.4GB daily 4G data. It has a validity of 70 days. But if you purchase this plan from Airtel’s mobile app, you get a validity of 84 days, resulting in a total 117GB data throughout the validity period with a cost per GB of Rs 3.41. Airtel Rs 509 prepaid plan, on the other hand, offers the similar benefits for 90 days with up to 126GB of 4G data at your disposal in the stipulated period.

Airtel Rs 499 prepaid plan
As far as data, SMS and calling benefits are concerned, Airtel Rs 499 plan takes Jio Rs 498 plan head on. Although both the plans provide users with 2GB daily data, Airtel offers 9-day less validity than Jio. Hence, Airtel Rs 499 plan has a total of 164GB data to offer with a cost per GB of Rs 3.04. Both Airtel Rs 399 and Rs 499 plans offer free calls and daily 100 SMS.

Vodafone Rs 458 / Rs 509 prepaid plans
To begin with, these two plans from Vodafone compete with Jio and Airtel’s daily 1.5GB and 1.4GB data plans respectively. Both these plans offer 1.4GB 4G data per day, free local/STD/roaming calls (250 minutes per day or 1000 minutes per week) and 100 SMS per day. Since Vodafone Rs 458 plan remains valid for 84 days, users avail 117.6GB data with a cost per GB of Rs 3.89. Meanwhile, Vodafone Rs 509 is valid for 90 days. As a result, users can claim a total of 126GB data with cost per GB of 4.03.

Vodafone Rs 569 prepaid plan
And last but arguably the best plan of the lot in terms of cost per GB, we have the Vodafone Rs 569 plan. This plan is ideal for users who consume a lot data everyday. It offers users 3GB high-speed data per day for 84 days, that adds up to a maximum of 252GB in the validity period. All other free calling and SMS benefits are exactly the same as the above Vodafone plans.

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