The REAL business of Google, Facebook, Youtube, and Amazon

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Google, Facebook, Gmail, Google and Youtube, as the Jew World Order 'Big Brother'.

The 'Business' of the largest internet companies is not profit. It is control. More precisely, Jew World Order control. Censorship. Spying. Data Mining. Profiling. 'Cambridge research institute' type 'modelling' and 'prediction' a-la 'Minority report'. Public opinion manipulation. Pattern detection. Predictive algorithm 'tuning' and 'tweaking'. In one word 'Control'.

By becoming virtual or real monopolies, Facebook, Amazon, and Google are in position to 'censor' anything that is inconvenient for their 'business model'. For their 'long term plans for us'. They can pretend they are merely responding to complaints from advertisers. They pretend they really care about 'hate speech' and 'ethics'. They will NEVER tell you WHY they censored you, banned your book, deleted your youtube account and facebook account, removed a particular post, or even banned you from using their services entirely. They will send a very vague and defamatory, libellous, slanderous, insulting notice which openly or tacitly states or at least implies, that you are a very nasty, evil, criminal, irrational-hate-filled, malicious person, that they need to protect their users from.

In reality NO-ONE is being forced to watch a video, or view a post, or read a comment, on youtube, facebook, or Amazon. If you don't like something, you can ignore it. No harm done to anyone. If it is an opinion you disagree with you are free to express your own opinion to counter it. If you feel it is factually incorrect, then you can post these corrections, and edify the author / poster / blogger, and their audience. This is how democracy is meant to work. This is how 'open society's can function. This is how freedom of expression can work. There has been no rational, reasonable, legitimate, justifyable reason for censorship, in the 99.99% of the cases where youtube, facebook, and Amazon have done so.

The only way people become exposed to 'alternate' viewpoints, opinions, arguments, and as yet not widely known 'facts' and 'discoveries' and 'updates', is through the open and free exchange of ideas.

Now if we were to make the most harmless and least threatening assumption, that they really were set up as conventional businesses to generate profits for their share-holders, then the very least of the crimes we could attribute to them would be 'predatory pricing'.

Predatory pricing is illegal in most nations. Predatory pricing is a strategy of operating a business, for some period of time, at a loss. Only a business with deep pockets, vast resources, and access to cheap and limitless credit, can operate in this way. The intention is to provide goods and services below their real cost, so that the competition, who cannot operate at a loss for very long, have no way to compete, and basically go bankrupt, or sell out to the predatory pricing competitor. The predatory pricer then finds themselves as a virtual or literal monopoly, in their markets. At this point they can quickly recoup all their former losses, by raising prices. Now that the competition is either 'extinct', or owned by themselves, they can set their own prices. There will be no-one to undercut them. They can set any price they like. Of course their public relations, perception managers, social-reality definers, paid-for-comment high profile public media personalities, and the 'news' media they themselves own, directly or indirectly, will all 'spin' the price rises as 'unavoidable'. As 'merely passing on the higher costs of production to consumers. As 'natural' inflation. And so the public will accept the higher prices, and the virtual or literal monopoly, as 'natural'. This is where the 'predatory pricer' starts raking in the excessive profits. Profits that could never exist without their conspiring to put the competition out of business, and then their conspiring, with their mass media outlets, to 'normalise' the new monopolistic state of affairs, and the new higher prices. In other words the very situation Adam Smith went to great efforts to explain to his readers, and to prevent, via regulation of 'conspiracies'. Centuries before the CIA made 'conspiracy theories' something to dismiss, deride, and even censor.

Unit 8200, Operation Talpiot, the Technion, are jew world order operations with headquarters in Israel. What has become known as 'Silicon Wadi'. Google, Facebook, Google Chrome, Google G Drive, and Youtube, are just a few of the well-known Israeli Jew world order owned and operated companies. Their 'real' shareholders are the jew world order. Israel. The CIA and MOSSAD and MI6 are just a few of their 'front' 'intelligence' operations. And given that now Israeli jew world order fronts are manufacturing 'Intel' chips, we can be sure that they will be building in the typical 'kill switches' and 'backdoors' that will give them access to all our military, government, public, and private, infrastructure, smart phones, smart televisions, 'the internet of things', banking information, emails, web searches, personal information, and so on. This will let them track any individuals minutest movements. Every communication they make with anyone. They can turn your telephone or television camera on even if you have turned these devices off. They can record with your phone and television camera and microphone. Even if you cover your camera, patents exist for technology that allows a screen to be used as a camera, in the same way you can use a headphone as a microphone.

At a single keystroke they will be able to take control of any device you use. 'Kill' entire telecommunications networks. It has long been public knowledge that the Polish telecommunications system has such a 'kill switch' built into it, allowing jew world order organizations, ostensibly out of the Jew S A, to literally turn off the entire Polish telecommunications network.

The jew world order could shut down diesel generators in nuclear power plants, causing the sort of disasters seen recently in Japan.

If they see that you will not 'serve the jew world order', or worse, are actively struggling against it, and trying to inform others of the reality of our dire situation, they can simply deny you access to any service they control. Right now through the IRS they can freeze all your bank accounts. They can deny you access to facebook, twitter, google, Amazon, and Paypal. Many people are dependent upon such services for their livelihoods and survival.

They also now have access to the encryption software that allows private communications. Most internet banking services will soon be totally within their control. They will be able to steal your password as you enter it, on the official site. Not to mention that most people use the same password for their google, facebook, amazon, and youtube accounts.

Anyone can buy hardware that will let them read ALL the personal data and passwords on your credit card or personal identity card. Anything with an RFID chip. The sudden appearance of 'microwave towers' all over the planet could well be devices for reading these RFID chips.

Notice how all these companies, out of an expressed concern for your 'security', are requiring you to give them your mobile telephone number, just to log into your Google, facebook, youtube, or Amazon accounts? This means that even if you have a 'prepaid' phone card requiring no registration, they now have your number, and can track your every movement, hack your phone for passwords to all your banking and other internet activities, turn on your phone camera and microphone to record you and your friends, and if they like, 'kill' your phone, and any 'apps' on it.

Most of your telecommunications are 'managed' or 'pass through' software and hardwared owned and operated by Isreali jew world order organizations like Verint, the I.R.S, and the N.S.A. Your telephone bills are most likely managed by an Israeli jew world order front company. Watch my videos and read my books for details, and more exhaustive lists and descriptions. This means that Big Brother Jew is always watching you. 24/7. THAT is the true 'shareholder' of the internet giants.

Big brother jew is watching your every move, 24/7, even if they are not actually 'looking' at you. They keep massive databases filled with every action performed on the internet. The moment you become 'a person of interest' to them, they can call up years of your internet activities, your phone GPS tracking details, and basically write your biography with details even YOU would never remember. They can then also 'insert' fake actions, to criminalise you. They can put your phone at the seen of a crime. They can have you 'logging in' at the scene of a crime. They can post on facebook and youtube, to your channel, or even create a channel for you. You would be totally unaware. They can put your fingerprints at crime scenes, using your own phones 'security' features. They can easily get DNA samples and place these at crime scenes. They can manipulate video and audio to actually make videos in which you appear to be saying hateful things, or even conspiring to commit crimes with other people, or inciting others to commit crimes, like Charles Manson, who spent almost 50 years in prison though charged only with 'incitement'.

You, like those Arab Airlines pilots defamed around the world as 'hijackers who flew commercial airliners into the World Trade Center and Pentagon, could easily be blamed for massive scale terrorist attacks. You may turn up for work one day and see your own photo on the news, as a terrorist.

Even without going to any such lengths, you can, in most nations, simply be dragged out of your home, car, or office, and imprisoned, without charges, indefinitely, and then suffer 'augmented interrogation' a.k.a 'torture', at the hands of people working for your own government. This may happen at a 'black site' in your own town. The old post office building. The old Wallmart. The basement of an old primary school. Or you may be flown to some foreign nation to be 'interrogated' using 'torture'. Not because you did anything wrong. But simply to send a message to EVERYONE EVERYWHERE to live in fear of the police and government. So that people will automatically think three times before criticising Israel, Jews, or their own government. They may pick up your neighbour. Your boss. Your teacher. Simply to send a message. 'Next time it could be you'. So don't take ANY risks. Just be a good slave. Keep your opinions to yourself. If you see something, keep it to yourself. If you hear something, keep it to yourself. As the jew world order bloggs keep saying, 'hey, you are still FREE to think what you like, just don't SHARE it with anyone else'. THAT is the 'new freedom'. The ONLY freedom.

The idea is that you can 'shut down' any information, fact, reporting, revelations, leaks, whistle-blowing, simply by removing access to youtube, facebook, twitter, and amazon, and legally prosecuting people for the vaguest and slightest of possible 'infringements' of lunatic laws.

If that is not enough, you just round up a random number of people, as Stalin did, and send them to 'black sites' and 'FEMA' camps. Just as in the 'good old Jew S S R.

Even if we tried to set up our own sovereign nation, the jew world order would not accept it. They would spread propaganda around the world demonising us. They would paint us as threats to world security. They would insist we were torturing our own people. They would even blow up public buildings and kill thousands of people in false flags that they would then blame on us.

Unless aliens are on our side, know what is happening, and chose to save us, we are pretty much doomed.

The only effective resistance WOULD be, and I am certainly NOT inciting anyone to do this, is to 'take out' the leaders of the jew world order. Including those who have set themselves up as the poltical leaders of the major Western powers from the Jew.S.A, to the E.Jew.

You see the reason I would never incite anyone to do this is that I myself see this world as karma, and a lesson, so we can become better people and move onto 'higher' levels of being, and have no emotional investment in this particular life, especially not in this absurd world, and certainly not in this cruel, hypocritical, selfish species.

Even if I managed somehow, through some super-power or stroke of genius or luck, managed to free us of the jew world order, I would still find this world, and most of YOU, completely unacceptable. Most of YOU are quite happy to have animals imprisoned, enslaved, tortured, and murdered, just to satisfy a 'taste' you have for their flesh, milk, eggs, honey, skins, and furs. Or to simply 'experiment' on. To use for 'testing' purposes.

I understand the truth is rarely easy to accept, after a life of conditioning, programming, brainwashing, fake news, fake history, and massive censorship of 'reality'.

We all live, to greater or lesser extents, within an artificial bubble of 'social reality'.

When someone like me escapes that 'social reality', and then tries to inform you, to help you escape it to, you are most likely to simply dismiss what I have to say. The facts I have to present.

And those of you curious enough and open-minded enough and courageous enough and intelligent enough to grasp the meaning of what I have to present, will immediately recall what happened to others who 'woke up' from the social reality, from the trance, their society induced, mass media induced, education system induced, zombification. They were ridiculed as 'conspiracy theorists'. Their mental health was questioned. They were sent for 'compulsory medical examinations' which they discovered, upon entering the doctors office, were really 'pyschiatric evaluations'. If they didn't 'go along to get along' and accept a 'diagnosis' and 'treatment', they were entered into the files as 'hostile' and 'mentally ill', and fired, then blacklisted. Their 'record' would follow them when they applied for work with any government organization, or organization that worked with or for the government, as supplier or contractor.

In other words, if you wake up, and find yourself living among sleep-walkers, zombies, and people in a deep trance, you have a very tough choice to make. Most people will chose to keep their jobs, families, partners, careers, incomes, and 'definition as 'sane', rather than take a chance on trying to wake up the others.

Very few people with the potential to become philosphers, ever realise that potential. They have too much to lose, to end up like Socrates. Or Jesus. Or any of the 70 million Russians, Poles, Estonians, Lithuanians, Ukrainans, and so on, who ended up in jew world order gulags, where they were worked to death for the profit of the jew world order.

Watch my videos at TROONATNOOR BitChute and let 'Jews' themselves tell you what they think of you, and what plans they have for you. 'Serve the Jews or die' are not my words. They are the words of Jews, so confident of their right to rule YOU that they will repeat such phrases even when openly being filmed.

Please someone download all my videos and books, and seed them as torrents. I cannot do this. I do not have an internet connection of my own.

I have been blocked from facebook and youtube, and google even closed my Gmail account and so I cannot even make comments on youtube any more. Amazon and Apple and Smashwords and Draft2Digital banned either all or some of my books. But they can still be found via, and from my TROONATNOOR Patreon page.

People call out for a messiah. A leader. A saviour. If people got behind me I could be that person. As Jesus said, 'You can know a tree by its fruit'. My books and videos are my fruit. They are my source of 'authority'. The arguments in them are the only source of authority I refer to. I don't call on any 'noble' lies. Any 'society' granted status or recognition. I have no titles.

Like Socrates, and any Philosopher of any value, it is my arguments that you should find compelling or otherwise. Not any appeal to being 'chosen' by god/s, not some 'authority' given to me by some university, or mass media, or government, or nobel prize committee.

The only authority I can appeal to is my 'fruit'. If you are not ready to rise yourself up into higher levels, higher 'resonances', then you will continue to reproduce, to 'manifest', this world as it is. For it has not really changed, in principle. It just appears to 'evolve' and 'progress'. It is just the same old situation with different faces. The same old systems of repression and exploitation.

Why would I do things against my nature simply to save you from one particular set of people with the worst intentions towards you, only to have some other group take their place, once I've 'succeeded'?

Why would I free slaves who only want to become slave masters, as soon as they are free?

Why would I make an emotional investment in ethical and moral cripples? In zombies? In monsters?

Soon there will be hundreds of thousands of men and women, seeing their death looming ever nearer, and fates worse than death in drawn-out, painful, lonely, miserable, terrifying, horrifying 'end of lives care facilities', who will be quite keen to get their hands on a few bags of C4, so they can walk into the houses and offices of the jew world order and their golems, and enjoy a quick and meaningful death, a noble death, a death that serves the interests of justice, truth, and beauty. Some may be patriots and militia. Some may have never been politically active in any way.

This is why the jew world order are censoring so hard now. They realise that there are a lot of 'idle' people who could suddenly be 'awoken' to the reality, and might choose such a course of action.

I will repeat. I am not inciting any violence of any kind against any sentient being. In fact that is exactly what the jew world order want. An excuse to 'take away our guns' and impose total martial law and activate all the powers of the 'Patriot act' and associated 'Executive orders'.

So if anyone plans to respond with violence, they had better make sure it is effective at eliminating ALL the leaders of the jew world order, or at least enough of them to make them ineffective.

As I doubt enough people would wake up in time, and manage to organise such a resistance, I fear that any violence would be ineffectual, no matter how justified or legitimate it might appear, and might in fact be.

I reject all forms of violence, as they are impossible to control, and rarely lead to 'the good guys' winning. Hitler and Nazi Germany put up the most courageous and noble, violent, resistance to the jew world order, and were defeated. Because any attempt at using violence to restore freedom usually ends in defeat for the minority of 'good guys', for the majority of people are usually tricked into fighting AGAINST their own interests, AGAINST their logical and natural allies.

Of course, the jew world order jewdiciary will claim they know, by mind reading, or intuition, or some sort of voodoo, that I wrote this with the INTENT to incite. With malice. Motivated by an irrational hatred of all the members of some putative 'jewish' 'race' or 'religion'. There is no way to defend yourself against such a charge. It would not matter if I had 1000 videos of jew world order jews and their golems detailing their plans in the most precise and vivid details, confessing opening and eloquently their plans to enslave the entire world, and slaughter those who would not 'serve the jew world order'. These 'facts' would be inadmissible in court. Someone who claimed to be 'offended' would simply claim that it was a fact that my motives were irrational hatred of 'jews' and a desire to incite violence against them, just because they are 'jews'.

It would not matter that the evidence I had to present proved beyond a doubt that the jew world order posed a real and present threat to national security, and to my own safety.

Apparently it is possible to arrange some sort of pre-trial hearings to establish such facts, before a trial, to make the evidence admissible in court. However the experiences of Ernst Zundel, David Irving, Brendon O'Connell, Sylvia Stolz, and many others, has shown that any defendant in any trial involving the jew world order will be given NO chance to validate their genuine, justifyable, legitimate, demonstrably reasonable and rational, and clearly logical, fears, concerns, and motives.

In fact all my books and videos are intended to open up dialog between 'jews', jew world order operatives, and their 'golems'. To give them a chance to relieve me of any misunderstandings, faulty reasoning, incomplete understandings, misplaced concerns, and to offer up the facts and compelling arguments necessary to prove their good intentions. They NEVER do any of these things. They NEVER engage in fair, open, scientific, open-minded, rational, reasonable, debate or discussion about the 'known and provable facts'.

I am not saying that NO self-defined 'Jews' behave in this way. Just the jew world order 'jews'.

The simplest proof that my anti-semitism does NOT conform to the hegemonic conventional definition of 'an irrational hatred of all jews simply for being 'jewish' is that I love many Jews. Untill I have good reason to suspect any particular 'jew' of being part of the jew world order conspiracy, I accept them as equals. I welcome them with open arms. I expect the best from them. For me to be defined as 'Anti-semitic' by the legal definition, I would have to hate all jews, and with no reason. The clear fact is that I do not hate all 'self -defined jews'. And any that I define as a threat to my own, and national, and international 'security' and 'peace' and 'wellbeing', I do so for perfectly reasonable, rational, factual, scientific reasons.

I don't hate all pussy cats. I don't even hate tigers. But tigers are a REAL threat to not must my own life and well-being. It is NOT irrational to fear or 'hate' tigers.

You see, the conventional, legally employed, definition of anti-semitism is that of a 'phobia'. An irrational fear or hatred of something, or some situation.

If you suffer from a potentially fatal allergy to cats, then a fear of ALL cats is rational and reasonable. It is NOT irrational.

A 'fear' of tigers is NOT a phobia. It is perfectly rational.

So while there may be some people who DO have an irrational hatred of anyone defined as a 'jew', I am not one of them. And Adolf Hitler was not one of them either.

OUR 'fear' is of ANYONE who subscribes to the IDEOLOGY OF SEMITISM, whether or not they define themselves, or are defined by others, as 'Jews'.

The jew world order is defined by this ideology of Semitism. Many 'jews', therefore, are NOT participants in this jew world order conspiracy based on the ideology of semitism.

However most 'jews' themselves are unaware of what their 'fellow jews' are up to. They become the 'collateral damage' of pogroms intended to root out and reject the parasitic, malicious, malignant growth of the ideology of semitism, and the organisations it produces. To protect yourself against a virus, you must first identify it, and then 'contain' the carriers of that virus. You then seek to 'cure' these carriers'.

THAT was what the KZ's were about. The Nazi forced labor camps. They were a quarantine for the virus we call the ideology of semitism. To prevent the carriers infecting others. To prevent the diseases, the physical symptoms, the outcomes, that this ideology produces.

In a time of war, it is hard to work out who is a subscriber to the ideology of semitism, and who is just a 'jew'.

The biggest problem is that every jew world order subscriber to the repugnant and vicious, malicious, malignant, deadly, crippling, destructive ideology of semitism will claim they are NOT. They will claim they are just 'jewish'. That is part of the practical and ideological training of jew world order semitism.

Semitism is, in fact, an ideology. An ideology of exceptionalism. An ideology of racism. An ideology of racial supremacism. An ideology of slavery. An ideology of rape. An ideology of genocide. And unless you are FOR all these things, you must, to remain rational, reasonable, and logical, BE anti-semitic.

We do not hate or fear 'jews' as people. We hate and fear, with ever legitimate, natural, logical, and reasonable reason, any semitism they profess or subscribe to.

Whether you want to define yourself as a 'jew' for some reason that is beyond me, that is not the issue. It is whether you subscribe to the ideology of semitism that MUST interest me. All of us have a personal and national and international interest in this. Anyone who subscribes to the ideology of semitism, whether as 'jew' or 'Christian Zionist' or for any other reason, is a threat to YOUR individual and national security. A threat to our freedom. Our collective and personal liberty.

If YOU are not ANTI-SEMITIC, if you do NOT actively and vociferously oppose that repugnant, disgusting, lethal, crippling, ugly, racist, genocidal, rapacious, deceptive, and criminal IDEOLOGY OF SEMITISM, then YOU are IRRATIONAL and UNREASONABLE and SUICIDAL. There is really something wrong with you.

I suggest you get and read my books and watch my videos. Then start talking with your friends about it. Bring out these arguments into the open. Without making any personal comments about any particular 'jew world order operatives' or 'jews'. Keep it impersonal. Don't open yourself up to criminal prosecution by some clever jew world order operative.

Then get together to demand freedom of speech. A repeal of the 'hate speech' and 'racial vilification' laws. Then a repeal of the 'Holocaust Denial' laws. Then remove the corrupting influence of campaign finance contributions. Finance all electoral campaigns publically. Give each candidate who gains 'preselection' by gaining a minimum number of 'supporters', equal time in all the mass media, internet media, and so on. Then eliminate the central banks and their 'debt-based' currencies. Break the hegemony of the worthless U.S petro-dollar. Elect politicians who will volunteer to limit their personal consumption, for the rest of their lives, to what they earn while in office. I would run for office under all those conditions. Happily.

Please share my books, blogs, videos, with as many different people as you can. Please get them translated. Please support me in the eventual criminal attacks that will take place against me, via 'legal' means, and otherwise.

With a few thousand Patreon Patrons I could write one new book that covers everything I have researched and written about over the last 5 years, in the most digestible and easy to comprehend format possible, requiring the least reader burden possible. I could then make a few high quality films that crystallize the main points.

Please, if you are writing your will, consider leaving a legacy to myself, and the organisation I hope to set up.

Most of all, please consider a vegan lifestyle. For as Obadiah warns : For as you do unto others, so shall be done unto you. This jew world order, and all the tyranical governments before it, and which will come after it, may just be lessons to teach us to 'do unto other sentient beings, as we wish them to do unto us'.

So who am I to oppose the Jew World Order, if it is Karma, the universe's way of teaching us what we need to learn, in order to escape world's like this one, and ascend to higher worlds.

It is a fact that this world is the product of our collective individual actions, motives, and desires. When we all give up the idea of benefitting at another sentient being's expense. When we all cease using other sentient beings as merely means to our own ends. When we start giving all sentient beings the justice we demand for ourselves. In short, when we adopt a vegan lifestyle, and become committed to the principle of justice for all sentient beings, in every facet of life, the jew world order, and all other forms of tyranny, will simply evaporate, for lack of 'fuel'.

It is our hypocrisy, our selfishness, our arrogance, our willingness to commit injustices, or benefit from injustices, that is the 'fuel' for injustice.

The world as it is is the sum product of our individual actions.

So WE can change it.

But don't forget that we may need to sacrifice many things. Even our own lives, in the name of 'happy next lives'.

Don't worry, you are not your body. You are not this 'experience engine' you call by your name. I am not Markus Rehbach. I am the potential for experience. This potential is eternal. It can't be created or destroyed. That is the real secret to courage and patience.

My 'Optimal Ethics Generator' is the real secret to true justice. To the elimination of all forms of corruption and hypocrisy. To the elimination of all forms of violence.

Remember, I promise to be honest. I cannot know 'the truth'. All truth may be relexive. But I promise you I will continue to seek the truth, and publish what I find, for as long as I can.

In this context, be sure that 'the truth is kryptonite to the jew world order', and to all and any forms of tyranny, or slavery, for the truth will set YOU free'.

Note that I will publish this presentation at TROONATNOOR STEEMIT as a 'transcript', at TROONATNOOR SPREAKER as a podcast, and at TROONATNOOR BITCHUTE as a video presentation.

Remember I have very few resources, very limited internet time, and so none of my books or presentations are as 'finished' as I would like. I overcome my own vanity as a writer by publishing things according to law of diminishing marginal returns. So I sacrifice my own vanity and pride in workmanship in order to get the point out, as fast as possible, before the jew world order censors shut people like me down entirely.

So please seed all my books and torrents and posts as torrents. I cannot do this.

YOU need to be the hero of YOUR life. The HERO to YOUR children and partner. The HERO to YOUR own future selves.