Seraphina Rings - from 3D Design to Silverrings

in jewelry •  last year

Ring designed in ZBrush -
3D Print Shapeways in Polished Sterling Silver
A little bit handmade polishing by myself







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These are stunning! ^^
Jewellery has always been one of those countless things that I've always wanted to try to work with, that I keep at the back of my mind, but since I have too many interests I always have to compromise on some of these things.


Yes - i can understand you -its the same by me -
too many Interests -
20 Years ago - i made Goldsmith as my professional -
but with the time i love to make more paintings and 3D Sculptures.
But when i have time i made Jewelry ,
with the newest way, that is 3D Design and 3D Print.
But i never forget the oldTraditional way to make Jewelry -

I like and enjoyed your post ! Keep publishing interesting and informative articles.
If you wish, you can check my posts @kingru
Keep steeming. Cheers !!!
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Such beautiful rings and gorgeous imagery.


Thanks a lot :-)