Moldavite, Charoite, and Peruvian Opals... Oh My!

in jewelry •  last year

I was left with a ridiculously difficult choice.

Our dear friend, Caterina Sutton, created all three of these amazing works. She called me the night before saying she wanted to connect and that she had something for each of us. This is what Caterina brought:

Photo by Erik Kuykendall

She is an amazing wire wrap artist and I thought she might be bringing me something lovely. When she set the Moldavite in front of me, I couldn't bring myself to touch it at first. It tends to show up at critical points in my life and has been alleged to have had some powerful impacts on a number of areas of my being. I have not worn the Moldavite piece yet (far left). I have found that it is an amazingly powerful stone and can have an odd sense of humor.

The center pendant was fashioned from charoite and amethyst. The far right is Peruvian opal with larimar, wrapped in copper. I put the three of these pendants beside each other, attempting to decide which suited me better. Each is extremely appropriate for some component or components of me and I couldn't decide.
I asked for Caterina's help. Her decision?
Keep them all!

Who says indecision can't have tremendous rewards?


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Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
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My personal favorite is the center one with the Amethyst! You are loved. ❤


I do truly feel loved. She's a close friend living far away.


The love of a good friend is all that we need sometimes to make life a brighter place, sometimes that small gesture can make us feel good in a big way too!


The longer I look at the one in the center the more I expect it to morph into a beautiful Scarab and fly away lol.


You should see it in person. That was the first thing I thought, as well. It's so organic and each wrap is beautifully precise.


I would loved to have gotten the opportunity to see them in person!! I love seeing the craftsmanship of other people's work.