Have a blessed Sabbath!

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We normally think in three dimensions, a three dimensional world, breadth, length and depth. But the fourth dimension envelops us all; it is the love of God. He cares for our threefold nature, body, mind and soul. His love cares for every living creature. He feeds and satisfies us. He loves us to the depths of our personality, the breadth of our lives, and the height of our need. We sit at this banquet enjoying a four-fold experience, food, life, consciousness and His friendship. We have more than food, mortal life and fellowship, more than cakes and shakes. God has made us glad more than by the experience of His love, a fourth satisfaction, unseen and transcendent. God’s love is not a mere sentiment or emotional attachment. Nor is it a dutiful relationship as when we love a father because he is our father, or children love us only because they are our children. It is the other way with God. He fathered us because He loved us, before we were born. God’s love is not fondness. When we love anyone we send them gifts, flowers, and write them letters. God does all that! He fills the wide world with gifts and flowers, and writes His love with the stars of heaven, and the poetry of everything that is beautiful. But more than that, much more than that. The love of God penetrates our cold hearts, shed abroad by the Holy Spirit. It is the closest and most personal love.

Source: Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke - Official Page


Thanks for the devotion.
Have a blessed Sabbath as well!