Have a blessed Sabbath!

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God would never make His redeeming work to depend on our state, which goes up and down like an escalator in the Empire State building, one moment on the ground floor and the next in the clouds. Eternal life means eternal, undying. God’s sun never sets. The Spirit of God does not withdraw or retract, evaporate, diminish, or leak away. He abides. God has not covenanted to be with us sometimes, but at all times. ‘The gifts and callings of God are without repentance.

Source: Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke - Official Page


Exodus 31:12-13,16-17 - "And the Lord spoke to Moses, saying, 13 “Speak also to the children of Israel, saying: ‘Surely My Sabbaths you shall keep, for it is a sign between Me and you throughout your generations, that you may know that I am the Lord who sanctifies you. 16 Therefore the children of Israel shall keep the Sabbath, to observe the Sabbath throughout their generations as a perpetual covenant. 17 It is a sign between Me and the children of Israel forever; for in six days the Lord made the heavens and the earth, and on the seventh day He rested and was refreshed.’ ”