Why his name was never JESUS - The letter "J" wasn't in existence until the 1600's!

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Ponder this: If the letter J was created around the 1600s (give or take a few years, based on your source) - Then how could the individual known as the Messiah - CHRIST - have been called the blasphemous name "Jesus" over 2,000 years ago?

Here's the hard truth that modern day Christians need to accept: HE WASN'T! Satan is the master of DECEPTION!

Observe the video above created by @prime-cleric Richard Ruff of The Ecumenical Order of Christ.

Here's is a snippit from the book "Christ Has Returned", also compiled / written by our beloved Prime Cleric.

"JESUS - As any scriptural scholar will tell you, Christ's name was "Yeshua", not "Jesus". Some will tell you that the name change was caused by "grammatical errors", "translation differences", or a litany of other excuses. The world was purposely confused by Satan, so that no one could invoke the authority of God, through the proper name of His Son, and a "popular name" was given to the uneducated masses, this name was "Jesus". Open almost any Bible and you will see that the proper names of Christ and his Father are replaced with: Jesus, God, Lord, etc. This was done on purpose. The letter ‘J’ did not exist in the Hebrew language or in the Greek, Latin or English languages until around the 16th century. Lord RayEl could have easily proclaimed his name to be "Jesus", if he wanted to continue the deception, and avoid the controversy, but Lord RayEl insists upon truth in all matters. RAYMOND ELWOOD is his birth name, LEAR is his surname."

IS-RA-EL also has more ancient roots than its Hebrew origins; remember Moses who wrote the Torah was raised as an Egyptian Prince.

ISis - was a goddess in ancient Egypt and means Throne, she was the mother nurturer - the High Priestess - the Goddess of creation.

RA – was a God in ancient Egypt and means 'mouth' or 'speech' - The Spoken Word.

EL - is the Hebrew God and originates from the ancient God Enlil and Ellil.

May the enlightened understand. Please post your comments in the replies section below.

Bishop Corey DeFrancesco

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This was one of the first topics when I was still a steadfast Christian that no one really gave a solid answer to, they weren't phased by it...after finding out his name was Yeshua, I didn't understand why people continued to use the wrong name...I remember writing an article about this topic for ABN over a year ago already! Wow..where does the time go??

It's crazy, how many are so comfortable using this insulting name, lacking the sincerity and love to amend wrongful ways once they are made aware. These are the same people worshipping a conceptual fiction, aka Magic Genie Jesus, instead of truly believing in the Son of God.

If God required us to believe in His son in order to be saved, why did His son intentionally hide his real name from everyone?

For example, if God required people to believe in Rayel to be saved, and everyone who died before they could even know his real name told God, "we believe in your son Yeshua (or Jesus, or Bob, or whatever)" - Wouldn't God say, "Yeshua (or Jesus, or Bob, or whatever false name) isn't the name of my only begotten son, if you don't even know his real name, how can you believe in him?"

This doesn't make any sense.


I am under the impression that you think simply saying I believe in (Son of God's name) in this case RayEl is sufficient . When James 2:14-26 clearly teaches believing requires action not just words.

This should be common knowledge.

Ezekiel 36:23 ►
I will show the holiness of my great name, which has been profaned among the nations, the name you have profaned among them. Then the nations will know that I am the LORD, declares the Sovereign LORD, when I am proved holy through you before their eyes.

I wish Christians would get ahold of this... I'm tired of hearing the name!