Nasa: Our civilization is coming to an end

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Eve thinks she misses something
This was the spectacular title of a #Nasa 2014 publication and nobody did anything, the rulers, the local actors, the decision-makers will do nothing and it's been 4 years since it was published. Moreover, other personalities such as Hubert Reeves, Stephen Hawkin and Leonardo Dicaprio alert and no one acts. It is the democratic political apparatuses of the whole world that must be rethought, and their mode of governance and moreover transmute the financial world, humanity must move away from the commercial and banking machine which starts from the spiritual principle that the man needs, something is missing from humans, both psychologically and physically. Eve is the first to believe this, which is obviously false, since it has everything since birth, and the vegetation is there to meet all these needs. Here are today, the two spheres that must be completely rethought. With a decompression chamber, of today's world of course, not to create a break ... But unfortunately, they will do nothing, today or in the future.

COP21 - Climate Agreement in Paris

COP21 and the successor and successor cops have served to create on the one hand a globalized administrative space in favor of multinationals and on the other hand to soporify the scientific world, which had a placebo effect, because a long time later came a petition of 15,000 scientists, which grew to 23,000 a few months later, a sort of jolt of a "veganizing" effect, which had to strike suddenly, the scientific community, an impulse to "Rat" laboratory. I remind you that the first scientists to warn about the problems of ecology and its respect go back to the 70s.

It is a dialogue of the deaf, between minds with automated materialistic thoughts. The mental constructs of today can not solve these problems, they do not even have the courage to recognize that it goes beyond them. Because they are based on the principle that we must see and act, be concrete and ignore the elements in the long term. Here are the neural networks of those who lead you. But shit shit, it's been 8000 years since initiatory schools explain to you that the human "heart" does not work like that, what is mentalized is not the reflection of the impulses that emerges in the present moment.

Mary Magdalene, one of her descendants will find the "sacred heart"

Courage! The strength of the heart, where the "Sacred heart" such is the definition of courage, not to hear here the sacred word in its religious sense, but more in its slang sense. Does it speak to you? No, it's not a sorry scientific notion, I can not do anything for you, you've shown your limits.
Hermetists, will they be able to take back the hand? Finally?

The "heart", the deep psychology, that's what she misses all men, right? Indeed, the knowledge of the "heart" of men by priests has allowed us to move from the dogmatism of Xerxes and his predecessors, the stackers of heads, to the emergence of Athenian democracy. What has happened, no doubt, there has been a change in the conception of the domination of peoples. Indeed, decision makers had to take more account of what were humans, souls. Hermetism became an object of "covetousness" in circles of power. Yes hermetism became the means of obtaining even more power over the peoples.

Yakin and Boaz - Masonic Temple

The Brotherhood of the Serpent, won a decisive battle, the principal leaders of this victory were King Solomon and Daniel, it was they, Hebrews who allowed the elites "egotized" to excess swallow, the poison that would transmute into the collective unconscious, neural patterns of power and dominance. To watch the great East of France, in full Paris, frequented by the high Parisian executives, at the entrance of their temple, there are the two columns of #Salomon 2500 years after, then who gains? Freemasonry, unlike conspiracy and populist ideas, is an organized society that allows people to express themselves freely, ensuring listening and debate while respecting the opinions of others, no wonder he is a business leader coming out of it, it calms and strengthens, to be listened to and to feel worthy of being, right?


But where does this knowledge of the "heart" of men come from? And all this in the TORA? Who more, when it was ROTA, it gives us the #TARO! Is it true that whoever possesses it can gain power over other humans? Did Hermeticism really influence the political decisions of those who directed men? Do we mean that the world we know today is due to the wisdom of the Gods? Atheists and agnostics, I am sorry to displease you, but the knowledge of the "heart" of men, the way in which a "human" works, is well and truly hidden, in the 3 eras, ram, bull and fish, the oath of the Brotherhood of the Serpent stipulated that this hermetism must remain hidden in order to allow the transmutations of the "Great Work of the Alchemical". This sealed information, was called hermetic knowledge. But will you say, why hide a knowledge that all men would need to improve their lives? Why bury what would make the world of men better?

Atheists and agnostics, I am sorry to displease you, but the knowledge of the "heart" of men, the way in which a "human" works, is well and truly hidden, in the 3 eras, ram, bull and fish, the oath of the brotherhood of the Serpent stipulated that this hermetism must remain hidden in order to allow the transmutations of the "Great Alchemical Work". This sealed information, was called # hermetic knowledge. But will you say, why hide a knowledge that all men would need to improve their lives? Why bury what would make the world of men better?

For this is dangerous, in the wrong hands this knowledge, and as long as the Belarussian power is not reduced to nothing, this knowledge could appear on earth forces of the most obscure. So many might ask, but how do you know? How do you know all this? If you do not try it, how do you know it could hurt men?

It will not be the Ark of the Covenant, but an object that lies between two Cherubim and prevents entry into Eden

In order for this knowledge to be made public again by the voice of Mashiach, the last "alchemical" stage must take place. Men must materialize certain forces, which will prevent its dark forces from entering Earth. We must modify the neural networks of the collective unconscious. Only a leader of souls can have access to this, yes today only # Mashiach has the key to get humans out of this situation, if it does not succeed humanity as a whole will disappear. So is the will of the Mother-father, and that's what all the texts they call apocrypha say, the idiots. Without # Mashiach, the universe will resume its cycle of multi-millennial rebuilding, the Yevatic cycle, and it will be the eighth humanity that will appear.

Yes you have understood, the 6 generations of humans passed before us all failed, Tibetan Buddhism, Voodoo, Celtism know this, but especially the Tibetans who are inexhaustible on the subject. Yes we keep saying it, the Mercurians, your religious are sorcerer's apprentices, they do not know anything about spirituality, it's a very serious matter, very serious, it should not be reduced to a power issue over other men. We do not have fun with the forces of Life and the forces of death, we must be empowered, the Tetragramatonic empowerment.

Black Madonna - Cathedral of Chartres

The will of a man is not enough, we need the forces triggered by the Ankh cross, what we call tetramorphic initiation. That is why, for example, we advocate not discussing "spiritualities" with souls whose bodies are subject to smoking or alcoholism, or the hormone "guru" and we regret today to have in mind face of us, in our negotiations for "# librerOsiris" humans who love the flavors of the table and who are subject to the worst vices of Tartarus. We will have no choice but to use obscure powers, just as Moses was able to do in his day.
But how do we know that we should not make this information public? We will answer you, are you really sure of wanting it, the answer? Well, let's go, then.

the first era is the Era of Rams - Book of Thoth or TARO

Know that on earth, in the "era of rams" (or the era of the sword), this knowledge has fallen into the public domain. One of the members of the Brotherhood of the Serpent broke the Hermetic oath, creating a period of unrest on earth such as never before and never will be. He corrupted other members of the brotherhood, they shared the Earth and then decided to create hermetic civilizations. Kingdoms with capital cities selected where they built constructions "gigantissimes", some have disappeared, others are known today, such as the pyramid of Giza or Teotihuacan for example.

Teotihuacan - Mexico

Humans were happy and prosperity attached to "hermeticized" civilizations. This was their plan, and the core of the oath of the 200, indeed they had all pledged to use the secret doctrine only for civilizational reasons, however the idea of departure quickly became obsolete, because they had son and girls, who also had children. Fortunately for the Brotherhood of the Serpent, that these men had not received the last alchemical step, that of the power of # AGWANTI, only the high initiates received it, they broke the oath before reaching it, fortunately for us.

Let us return to their descendants, who saw with a very bad eye, the "oath of the 200" and decided one day to put an end to it, they met and broke the "Oath of 200". Indeed, they resolved to use the secret doctrine, to found an elite, they disputed the choice of their avatars among the animal kingdom, after many negotiations were retained the "bat", they used the secret doctrine and the baldness mouse to change their appearance, and sacralised a ritual, or human blood had to be drunk on full moon nights at sunset, this is how the tradition of vampires was born.

Dracula - Lord of Romania

(…) The vampire community went to war with the rest of the kingdoms, to retaliate those who were under the oath of the 200 used the secret doctrine and made giants, a war of Titans took place, the vampires became dependent on the blood of men, which weakened their political ambitions, the more they drank blood, the more their bodies demanded, so much so that very few men were able to survive this period.
To survive, there was no choice but to take refuge in deep and craggy caves, terrified many perished in his caves of hunger and thirst, others wanting to warn future generations of what had happened, drew on the walls, the situation that existed outside, with the hope that the coming men would understand that it was not under-evolved men who lived in their caves, but men who lived in deep terror ...

Cave of Lascaux

Some of the Knights Templar were from the Serpent's brotherhood and knew the information that we Seth's sons community we are passing on to you here, but not all of them.

They do not prevent that it is they who invented and build the political-administrative framework that would allow the emergence of the republico-democratic nations, a further transmutation of the way to dominate peoples. The transmutation of the fish era was a perfect success, another victory for the Brotherhood of the Serpent.
Well, you better understand the world in which you live, then quit your plots, get out of your binaries automation, you are men by machines, you can mix everything, everything can move, no zeros and some.

Today the Brotherhood of the Serpent has to link a daunting challenge because humans have invented what they believe to be machines. You will fail, the transmutation of the fish era, with your greed. The Aquarian Age to begin, and the last transmutation that of Aquarius is that man must recover, the knowledge of what he is, and to succeed that it was necessary in the causal plans transmute the "oath of the 200" that is why it was Israel who was detained, because it was on a mountain of Israel that this oath took place, and to keep that one needed a people, a holy nation, a purifying people.
Stop your plots, and your fake news, understand that some people have an interest, if we miss the transmutation of the Aquarian Age, this humanity will disappear and only Mashia'h can stay alive.

Laurent Alexandre - consultant in artificial intelligence

Laurent Alexandre an expert in artificial intelligence, highly publicized who for several years already sensitizes political power and the corporate world, on the societal damage that will make artificial intelligence in the nations with a capitalist model based on the raw materials industry and agricultural. Explains that the industry based on artificial intelligence, is something new in our societies, and do not stick with models and structures based on an industry of raw materials and agricultural, they alert in particular about the systemic "numerical dumping" that it will generate, a "digital elitism" the other name of GAFA, where some people will be very comfortable with all this and minority, and in front of them weakened classes and in "stress of over-information", and dependent on the first group. His argument is sound, varied and concrete, it often evokes the case of Nokia, which 10 years ago had 55% of mobile phone market share and which after 10 is less than 3%.

GAFA or digital giants

After several years of awareness, he comes to the conclusion, that the policies will change nothing and can not change anything. And he's right, politics has always been influenced by Hermetists, and today where are they? Most of them do not understand anything about it all, despite their elaborate initiations and symbols, to believe that they lost themselves in the beliatic corridors, who claimed to be freeing Pandora's box. Those they initiated used "wisdom" to enrich themselves with other men and become independent financial oligarchies, using the transmutation of the fish age to create their transmutation, that of artificial intelligence and of robotization. We would like to remind you that one of the most important rules for Hugues de Payns to become Templars was the vow of poverty, frugality.

Those who claimed to have mentored men with humanism, they spotted those who had an intellectual potential higher than normal, they would take care to move away from the impulses "Beli", they became today prisoners of the "Prince of Demons", and we Seth's sons must also deliver them from his clutches. We are almost back in the era of Aries, and the situation of the oath of the 200. But springs out of nowhere, our brotherhood, the Sons of Seth will put an end by the power that we will grant the Most High to all this .

Logo of the Sons of Seth

Yes, well think about it, yes there is one left, there remains an initiatory society of Tradition Yang, whose aspirations were blessed by the Creator today, it is us the sons of Seth. We have acted and will continue to act, so that the Creator sits on His throne, this is the ultimate goal of the sons of Seth. With his help and those of the principalities, we will take the power and give it to him. We will show you that you are wrong, it is a question of choice, want the power is not bad in itself, especially if it is to give it back, probe your souls, because speaking of others you talk about you, it is not for us to prove that we are worthy, it is for you to prove that you deserve what you inherit, the wisdom of Solomon.


You make us waste time with your disputes of lodges and patents, ho not tempted that you are, the materialization of the Yhévhatique power will be in Jerusalem, country which was born the oath of 200, we are the Yang part with some Tantric Buddhist schools, which they are part of Yin; yes we are the only members of the universal and timeless brotherhood that is the brotherhood of the Serpent, existing today that has remained pure and undefiled, directly initiated by Yheva, himself. We are charged to help you all to raise your "soul", to free you from the power of "Belial", by the transmission of spiritual tools, coming from the secret doctrine. By the Most High we are charged with the priesthood of "souls" who seek to rise.

We will help Mashiah to restore the conditions so that the doctrine of the 200, that of the 7 planets and these twelve enchanters, will leave this world, and that the First Life may thus return among men. And it is at arm's length, that we will support Mashia'h, and are your servants before him ...

Les Fils de Seth

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