My paranormal experiences in our house we have unseen visitors (SWC)

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Me and my family used to live in our old house for 25 years , i've grown up to that house and have been experienced a lot of unnatural things or we called it supernatural experiences , when i was a kid i dindnt understand all of that , i dont have a third eye not a single one on our family. But we all do experience this paranormal things. I dont know if your going to believe this but what i am going to tell is all true.My first super natural experience was when i was about 5 years old (this one is what i remembered) my mother was a fish vendor she leave our house at 3pm and return home at 9pm to sell fish. My father was a tricycle driver he used to leave the house early and return home at night i was still the only child of my parents at this time she was just pregnant on my younger sister. I was left in the care of my older cousins teenager at this time we were on our house and waiting till my mother return home at 9pm. What i remembered was my cousins are always scared of our house and they dont want to stay in our house but they dont have a choice because they have to take care of me and they were being payed by my parents. They were scared of our house because when the clock hit the 6:00pm we used to hear this sound of a person walking on our backyard ( our backyard  was big with trees and bamboo grass ) with a chain on his feet and a ball. It was walking around our house as if it was surveying the house the sound was not that loud but sure enough for us to heard it clear no one of my two teenage cousins dared to look what is it we are so scared. They kept on telling that to my parents but they would just say it was not true and they were just imaging things.20180207_133214.png

In our old house we used to have this big comfort room it sized like a big bedroom the weird thing is we didnt know why the lights of the said comfort room didnt last long we tried out all branded of lights but it dindnt really last my parents also called an electritian to check it and they would just say that it was because of short circuit they will fixed it and it will look fine and after an hour the lights would just dont turn on again. Our comfort room was the most creepiest place of our house i remembered someone was taking a bath at 2:00am but no one is in the said bathroom because me and my family are all sleeping in one room and we are all complete and all asleep so who could that be? I didnt fall to sleep until in the morning because of that i could clearly hear that someone is taking a bath and i got really scared i did not wake up my parents because i know that they were so tired of their work and they badly need to sleep and i just keep on telling my mind that im just imaging things. When my parents wake up in the morning i told them about that and i was surprised because my younger brother said that he heared it too and also not be able to sleep again he was also scared just like me our parents said that just ignore it because it woudnt hurt us that it was our unseen visitors. Yay 20180207_133340.png
In our comfort room again we always have this feeling that someone is with us when taking a bath i coudnt closed my eyes because i have this feeling that i am being watched and if i closed my eyes and opened it something scary just popout in front of me so i just keep my eyes open and when at night and i feel that i need to go to comfort room i always ask my younger sister or brother to accompany me they were also like this were always ask for each others presence when we need to used the comfort room at night. 20180207_142427.png
In my teenage years i have two girl bestfriend and invited them to our house when they needed to go to comfort room i accompanied them and they say that our comfort room is so creepy they also felt that they are being watched but i dont tell them the creepy story of our comfort room. And there were also this happening that my mother need to use the comfort room but she thinks that someone is already using it so she called and ask if someone is there and someone answered yes in a low tone voice but enough for her to hear she thinks it was my younger sister so she waited for a couple of minutes but no one is going out when my mother coudnt take it anymore she asked again this time no one was answering so she opened the door the no one is in there.20180207_143527.png
We also have this weird experience not only me but all of our family have already experienced it we used to hear this so tiny little voice saying pssstthh as if it was caughting your attention. It was so tiny and you cant even copied the voice. One night i was movie marathoning it was already late 2:00am already and im still watching movies all was quiet because everybody was sleeping then suddenly i heard this tiny voice saying psssttthhhh i automatically looked in the corner of our house where it was always been heard but no one is in there after hearing it i felt goosebumps all over my body i turn off the television and goes to sleep.20180207_133443.png
I also experience seeing a ghost yes i see it with my bare eyes when i was still working used to get home at around 11:00pm because my working schedule was 2pmto10pm upon arriving home me and my mother used to have this little chitchat while im eating my late dinner around 11:45pm i saw this tall guy wearing white shirt on our window i saw him walking from our still open gate to our main door i said to my mom that there is someone and i asked who is it? No one was answering i asked again who is it? But still no answer i decided to open the door and i saw that no one is in there.20180207_133317.png

When i got married and have a son we still dont have our own house me and my husband live with my family in our old house one day while my son is sleeping 3 months old that time i leave him in our room and get goes to our verranda to get the clothes that i laundry then suddenly i heard this 3 knock on our room door but the only persons in our house that time was me and my baby i rushly come to our room to look for my son but my son was still sleeping i check on our house to see if someone envades us but luckily no one is in there but i surely heared that knock..20180207_145017.png
I've only shared my own experiences but there are so many to tell. I hope you guys enjoy my creepy but true story but gladly we do not lived in our old house now we already moved out but not because of creepy reasons.

I would like to say my thank you to master @bobiecayao for always mentoring me and also to sir @wallye for always guiding also special thanks to @michaelcabiles for all his efforts and help

Special thank you to google images for all the photos that i used.

Thank you @steem-again for the support to #thaisteemgroup and to @steemunityFB_IMG_1517845692711.jpg

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I also have my own experience but it involves my son and his cousin that was aborted more than 20 years ago. Thanks for sharing your story.

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