Yeah the one with ouija is really taking my nerves.. It was so terrifying... I was thinking since first day of contest to write my story but it is a terrible work and i even afraid think about it..

Yes, scary story and well written. Give a shot at yours, get help to write it if you need.

I just publish my story for jerrys contest.. It was really a big task for me.. Here 5am and i did not sleep whole night.. I wrote it with that fear travelling with me since 10 years.. I ll be happy if you read it and tell me your opininon

Yeah i am trying to be brave and motivated as the series of incidences i passed are still fresh in my mind and made me coward or fearfull even i feel fear in day light

That's great! I put it in my list.

I am excitedly waiting for your or jerry comments on my story.. I think this ll take few more days

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