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RE: My Near Death Experience

Sending you all the love in my heart to help you put the trauma behind you. I had a MUCH less serious incident many years ago, but that watching them come up behind and knowing you WILL be hit and there is nothing to be done... that is about as helpless as I have ever felt.


That's it right there. I keep having flashbacks of the semi coming at me.. And sometimes the woman who had to be cut out of her car...

You made it honey - it will get better from here, because you know how to make it better from here. Biggest hugs ever!

❤️ And because I have a wonderful home support network and my phenomenal Steemit tribe xxoo

Been crazy busy, but thinking of you and sending you those healing vibes!

Awe, thank you so much for thinking of me <3 It really means a lot :)

I am feeling better today. Nowhere near 100% but noticeable.

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