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Benefits of Fruit Jernang, aceh
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Preventing and overcoming diarrhea Although impressed trivial and not considered too serious diarrhea disease is actually a disease that must be wary of because it can cause death. There are several types of drugs and traditional ingredients that can be drunk to prevent or treat diarrhea one of the processed fruit jernang.
Smooth digestion One of the indicators of a healthy body is the process of digestion that runs smoothly. A smooth digestion allows the food to be absorbed perfectly so that the body gets a good nutritional intake. To maintain the smooth digestion one of them can be done by using the sap generated from this rattan plant.
Prevent and cope with thrush Fruit jernang contains various chemical compounds and nutrients that are good for the body. One of them vitamin C that can help prevent and treat canker sores.
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Maintaining the health and strength of teeth Teeth are not only important organs to support food processing activities but also greatly affect the appearance and beauty of a person. Even some people whose teeth are damaged to use dentures to support his appearance. To maintain the health and strength of our teeth can take advantage of fruit jernang which also contains calcium.
Healthy bones The content of calcium in the fruit is not only good for the teeth but also very useful for bone.
and much more usefulness.

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