Fly away with with Me, Jesse Richman, & Patri McLaughlin at Pe'ahi Jaws Thanksgiving Morning!

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Thanksgiving morning I headed down to Pe’ahi Jaws to get some video of the monster waves rolling in.


It was another cold rainy morning in Kula, Maui. I could not even see the surf from my house, but I knew it must be out there because the forecast was predicting 35 foot surf!

On the way down the mountain there was the brightest rainbow I have seen in a long time! It was surrealism and it seemed like one end of it was pointed right at Jaws! I thought it might be a sign, and then I thought “The pot of gold is at the end of the rainbow at Jaws!” Check out these photos I took as I followed the rainbow all the way to Jaws.

On the way down the muddy dirt road to Jaws there was a bit of traffic, which was also a good sign! There were a b bunch of tourists getting stuck with their rental cars sliding sideways down the path, Jaws was going off!

It was thanksgiving morning, and it was still raining at Jaws, so I waited out the rain with a nice girl that I met down there named Teresa. I found out that she works for google, since she was tech savvy I told her about Steemit, she had it all wrong though. She said there must be a lot of rubbish on steemit since they pay, then I told her quite the contrary, because they pay, people have more of an incentive to post good information! Maybe I should work for Google, google you out there??

After the rain subsided I set up my tripod and trampled down some grass so I could get a clear shot of the surfers. However there were no surfers in sight, but they were on their way! The waves were still building, and the winds were not the ideal direction yet for the Jaws Bowls to form, but things would change pretty fast! There were a few surfers were tied up in the traffic jam, but the main attraction was heading to Jaws from Maliko Gultch via Jet Ski, little did we know that Jesse Richman, & Patri McLaughlin were going to be our pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.




I flew the drone around a quick Lap or two around Jaws while we waited for the show to begin! The crowd began to grow, everyone down there seemed really interested in me and my drone. I had to multitask between the tripod and camera, while flying the drone, answering 1000 questions, but I loved every second of it!

Finally it was confirmed, what we were all waiting for down there at that point on Thanksgiving Morning was a go! There were two jet skis coming, and then we noticed two more directly below the cliff we were standing on. The rain was one and off, so as soon as the rain stopped I launched the drone and to my surprise I saw two kiteboarder approaching! The kite-boarders were Jesse Richman, & Patri McLaughlin, and these two guys were ripping it up all morning!

Check out the video below:

I had a lot of fun out there, made some new friends, it was the most fun I have had in a long time!

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35 Feet height waves :O Wow that's amazing and there are great photography and video of your newest surfing adventure! Great article friend!


Hello @honusurf,

Extraordinary good article with lots of stunning photography & video of surfing. Incredible post sir.


very interesting blog post @honosurf. Rainbow showing nicely. You catch on. Nice weather condition suitable for surfing. Dont need hot condition for it. Awesome video sharing. I like very much. Its stunning video.

@honusurf - Sir never heard about this place before.... It has huge waves & for me it's a risky surfing Sir.... Nice you made new friends there Sir.... Enjoy well Sir...
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Excellent photography with satisfied article to me. I really like to surf with huge waves. Maybe terrible but possible thing,
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Rainbow, big waves, rain you captured very well. Fantastic experience & excellent surfing video~

Thats awesome post you sharing @honosurf. Rainy day but great feelings for do surfing. Nice video indeed.

wonderful surfing video like always & impressive photography too. nice post @honusurf



@resteemia Thanks, for all the support, love you gif too!


excellent photography! beautiful


Thanks for all the support @ahlawat!

It's good to see that you are using some cool gadgets to create such beautiful pictures and putting your efforts to improve the content quality. What I do believe this platform is about, a real person like you.

Why my friend it's nice to read your post .and you had encourage people to join the steemit and show them what is this platform is about .
And all the photos that you had click are great and I can say it is nice post and must be appreciated by everyone.


Thanks for the encouragement @googlee, Steemit is a dream come true! Comments like this inspire me to work even harder on my posts & videos in the future!


Hay my friend my only intention is to encourage though who really create there own good content and make steemit a better place . Because as I face problem, not recognise by many even with good content. So I do just give my fair opening so that help people to grow here .
One thing I also don't like here comment like nice post, wow , awsome , again good post . Even these guys don't see l, what you had written.

Fantastic photography with brilliant videography of your latest surfing experience. Those waves are 35 Foot means one of the biggest waves ever. Nice surfing post.

~Followed & Upvoted

the beach is amazing @ honusurf

Wow it is indeed beautiful and yep sometimes people get attracted to things not familiar with (Drones).
and indeed nice shot buddy !

I love to surf!! Here in Portugal we have insane waves in Nazaré!!
I hope you had allot of fun !

wow what an excellent photography man, and amazing rainbow pic nice shot.

amazing photo @honusurf i like
not forget to upvote and resteem this post

incredible sensation