(ENG/JPN)Personal History / 自分史

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(The image below has nothing to do with the body, but the digital painting I drew)
It is thought that it will write the one like the history of me though it does not understand where time can be taken. I'm trying to put it in the form of a book, but I'm not going to sell it.

However, it is the one to leave it as a living proof. It might be thought that the picture becomes the history of me because I draw the picture. The picture is certainly a part of me. But not all of themselves.

I have not painted a single picture so far, but there is an important theme for me, too. Therefore, it might take time, and it be done without the sentence because it is done in the interval of drawing the picture.

But I want to write. In my case, there are two themes I want to keep as sentences. One is a picture. This is going to summarize the masterpiece as an art book. Another theme, my another one in history, in writing.

It is a history of my dark which is not the one in black history why but dark dark, and the reading probably depressed though it does not want to write the content here too much. I'm thinking of putting together these two books.

I wrote that I do not sell it earlier, but the person of the art book might be able to sell it. Even if you look back at your own life, you will soon forget it. It takes time for me to leave the testimony of my forgets. And you don't have to be read by anyone, but it's enough if someone reads and thinks something.










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ありがとうございますm(__)m いつも応援してくれて本当にありがとうございます。



そうですか。私はただでさえまとまった文章を書くのが苦手だから、書いていると気分が落ち込んで全然進みません( ;∀;)





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