Golden Gai Shortcut - Don't feed the wildlife

in japanese •  10 months ago

On my way to the station I found an interesting shortcut which passed through Golden Gai (known for it's numerous small bars).

The area was a bit shabby or "chotto kitanai ちょっと汚い". There were a few wild cats and some interesting signs.

This shortcut was not only interesting and close to where I was staying but also shady and relatively quiet.

If you look hard enough there are a few of this quiet escapes hidden within busy areas. Many of the big parks are in walking distance of the the crowds.

2017-10-30 11-14-18 IMG_20171030_111417_resize.jpg
(Leaving feed is not allowed as it will attract crows and mice etc)

2017-10-31 10-53-50 FUJI0785_resize.jpg

2017-11-02 11-19-56 IMG_20171102_111955_resize.jpg
(Please allow people to pass)

2017-11-02 11-20-06 IMG_20171102_112005_resize.jpg
(No Cycling)

2017-10-30 11-33-24 FUJI0576_resize.jpg

2017-10-30 11-36-38 IMG_20171030_113634_resize.jpg

2017-10-30 11-37-12 IMG_20171030_113707_resize.jpg

2017-10-30 11-39-12 IMG_20171030_113911_resize.jpg

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Street is awesome. Really awesome. Thanks for share with us


No problem. Glad you liked it.