A week in Japan Day #7

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Hello, dear friends, today is my day 7 and the last post of the series on Japan. I am really sad that it has come to an end but still, we need to move on as there is much knowledge that we need to gather from different areas as well.

So let's begin......
This is my last day on Japan and I wanna tell you what Japan actually is!!
Odds are you haven't been to Japan, I HAVE !!

And when you visit you will only wonder...

A country that is so clean, your car tires have no dirt after a 3 hours ride!
A country with beautiful mountains, rich history, and breath taking culture.
A country with polite people some of whom are crazy smart and innovative, with order and respect for everyone!

But in that same country, some prices can be so high especially that taxi you took.. and in that same country suicide rates can be so high they can be DOUBLE that of Germany's.

Japan has many sides- both GOOD and BAD.

But at the end of the day ...........
It will only leave you saying:


That's day 6, and the end of Japan's journey
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Target 1000 @anixon wonderful wonderful

Ya this tag will help me to get you. Perfect. BDW how was the content?

Most affected by natural disaster

Yes, that is also another aspect of Japan. Thought of including it bur heart sai me to leave it.

I watch Zatoitchi every day and that is about the old Japan. One day I will go there and see for myself...

Yes buddy, I heard about it but never seen any episode of it. Japan is really amazing. Must visit.

Japan is a beautiful country. Peoples of Japan are very hardworking

Yes indeed buddy

Feel so gud and exited to hear about Japan from you. Have more pic of Japan. What is special thing of Japan and do you know culture of Japan. I'm exited to see your pic with japnise people. Have you any other pic?

Yeah I do have, and thankyou very much for your appreciation. Ma'am.

japan is great country with technology and nature

Thank buddy..

welcome keep supporting

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