Let's count in Japanese #3: Counting small animals

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 Hello, welcome to the 3rd part of Japanese counting!

Today we're going to count small animals.

Animals who are smaller than us like dogs, cats, mice, rabbits are included in this category. There is another method to count animals who are bigger than us.

In this method, you have to add one of these suffixes ひき、ぴき、びき (hiki, piki, biki) according to the number. 

So here's how we count.

1   -  いっぴき ippiki

2  -  にひき nihiki

3  -  さんびき sanbiki

4  - よんひき yonhiki

5  - ごひき gohiki

6  - ろっぴき roppiki

7  -  ななひき nanahiki

8  -  はっぴき happiki

9  -  きゅうひき kyūhiki

10 - じゅっぴき juppiki

To numbers over 10, you just have to add the right suffix to end of the number.

For an example, 43 is よんじゅうさん (yonjū san). 

So 43 small animals are counted as よんじゅうさんびき (yonjū sanbiki).

Let's make a simple sentence.

がっこうにいぬがよんひきいます。There are four dogs in the school. (gakkoū ni inuga yonhiki imasu)

Any questions? Hit them below!


Thanks for stopping by... Until we meet again


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You're such a good teacher. Great work! 👍

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