Let's count in Japanese #2: Counting people

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Hello, welcome to the 2nd part of Japanese counting!

Today we're going to count people.

I told in my previous post that sometimes you have add something like suffix in the end of the number to count different things.

So it also applies when you're counting people. You have to add a ''nin'' to the end of the number.

But the first two are kinda different. Let me show you.

1   ひとり hitori

2  ふたり futari

3  さんにん sannin

4  よにん yonin (not that it's ''yonin'', not ''yonnin)

5   ごにん gonin

6  ろくにん rokunin

7  ななにん nananin

8  はちにん hacjinin

9 きゅうにん kyūnin

10 じゅうにん jūnin

If there are more than 10, you just have to add ''nin'' to the end of the of the number.

25 is nijū go.

So 15 people is nijū gonin.

Let's make a simple sentence

ここに がくせい が さんじゅうよにん あります。(kokoni gakusei ga sanjū yonin arimasu) There are 34 students in here.

Any questions? Hit them below!

Thank you for stopping by! Have a nice day!


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