“What Ever Happened to Gorillas? 何がゴリラに起ったか?”Cut Paper Art 切り絵 Colored Paper Art Collage ちぎり絵 コラージュ

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What Ever Happened to Jelly Beans art project by koto-art, Poetry by Jack Zéreau

What Ever Happened to Jelly Beans art project by koto-art, Poetry by Jack Zéreau, Music by More love by The Beatdown Soundmachine

"Green Life"

Well, I usually don't really write about environmental issues directly but this time I will write about our environmental issues just a little bit because of this art project. Also, my art theme always includes nature. This poem by Jack Zéreau and this art is the 10th painting out of 13 paintings.

I created a gorilla mother and a baby walking through the mountains. The mountain is in the heart and the green paper pieces are real trees' pictures from all kinds of magazines. I tried to express the poem's meaning as much as I could through the art. What Ever Happened to our environment...? We're facing pretty severe circumstances. Please watch the video which I created too. It is about 15 seconds long and I tried to express our environmental issues.


普段 環境問題についてダイレクトには書きませんが、アートプロジェクトであるということと、私のアートのテーマは自然を含むものなので、少しだけ書きたいと思います。これはジャック・ゼロー氏による詩に合わせた13の絵うちの10番目となります。


Cut Paper Art, Colored Paper Art Collage by @koto-art

My Site: https://koto-art.wixsite.com/mysite-1/gallery-2

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Thank you very much!




Kawai creation, I love the mother carrying her baby, resteemed.


Thanks a lot @manuelnoya:) This baby loves his mom and nature!