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“Cooling Down from the Hot Summer”

The earth is very hot almost everywhere in the world. Thankfully, I don’t use an air conditioner at home but outside, my workplace, and downtown are hot. I usually use mint oil to cool me down or swim in the lake. And also, I imagine cold winter.

This waterfall painting is Ashiribetsu Waterfalls in my hometown Hokkaido, Japan. I drew it a long time ago and created a digitally processed version for this time.This waterfall usually freezes in winter. Very mysterious and beautiful. Can you see an owl in this painting?! Accidentally, it looks like there is an owl at the bottom of this painting. Nice happening:) However, today is a hot day again. I think we obviously need more solar panels for our world.




・Source: Hokkaido tabi trip guide 1053 Ashiribetsu Waterfall. (n.d). Retrieved from

My Site: https://koto-art.wixsite.com/mysite-1

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コメントありがとうございます!えーっ?2匹とは自分でも気づきませんでした^ - ^多分上の方でしょうかー?!


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アシリベツの滝は札幌市内にあるのですが、おっしゃる通り遠い国に来たように思う滝です。フクロウ下にいますね^ ^


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この辺りは私が生まれ育った土地開発されすぎる前の北海道に似ていて、昔はこんな感じだったなぁーと思う事が多いです。川や湖で泳いだり、湧き水を汲んでいたり。でも職場ではエアコン必須です!フクロウ下にいると私も思います^ ^