“The Mirror Dragon Lady 鏡の龍女” Cut Paper Art 切り絵 Digital Art World デジタルアートの世界

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“The Mirror Dragon Lady”

When I look at myself through a mirror, I sometimes feel weird and strange. I feel like a different me is watching me. Very interesting and creepy sometimes.
My dog also is surprised when he sees himself in the mirror.

I created this cut paper art before and this time I made a digitally processed version of art called “the Mirror Dragon Lady.”




By @koto-art

My Site: https://koto-art.wixsite.com/mysite-1

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とてもきれいな龍ですね^ ^ステンドグラスのように思えます。

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ありがとうございます😊 私もステンドグラスに少し似ている気がします!

Very nice dragon. :)


Thank you @apnigrich!