“Cow Jam 牛渋滞” Photography 写真

in japanese •  last year  (edited)

I was off yesterday, so I went to the pond to swim. After swimming, we bumped into some cows. They went to the field over the river and they were just coming back for their dinner.

I love to watch this scene. Everybody should stop and wait for cows because they cannot move quickly. This is like a wonderful attraction for me. In my hometown in Hokkaido, Japan, we could see this beautiful scene before but these days we rarely have chances to see this. My dog really enjoyed watching cows too.



Location: Nova Scotia, Canada
Photography by @koto-art


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It is a very nice seen. It is unfortunate that the world has changed and we're moving so fast. These seen are now rare. You are lucky with the opportunity where you are. Thanks for sharing.

I totally agree with you! Thank you for your wonderful comment:)

このような美しい場所で泳げるなんて幸せですね。ワンちゃんのハッとした顔がかわいい💙 耳が立っています。ナイスショット!!


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Thank you!

I love the photos, and the site very beautiful! Resteemeo!

Thank you for your support! This is "Gaspereau" in Nova Scotia, Canada. I love this area.

池で泳ぐなんて、気持ちよさそうですね〜^ ^牛さんのアトラクションw平和を感じられて、癒されました😊

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池なのですが湖のような感じで、水も綺麗なので泳ぎやすいです(^^) 牛、可愛かったですよ!