“Beauty of Decay 朽ちる美しさ” Photography 写真

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“Beauty of Decay”

I saw daisies in the morning on my way to get to work yesterday. These days are very humid and hot so the flowers looked tired too. However they were so beautiful.



These Maple leaves were sick last year in our backyard. I believed that they were going to recover. They seem a little bit better this year but still look sick. They are recovering. However they are beautiful.


These flowers are very pretty. They make beautiful berries in late summer so I was wondering that maybe we can eat them but I found out they have poison. However they look beautiful.


Photo Location: Nova Scotia, Canada
Digitally Processed Photography by @koto-art

Here is a beautiful animation video of flowers. 美しい花のアニメーションです。

“Story of Flowers” Dirigida por: Azuma Makoto. Ilustración: Katie Scott. Animación: James Paulley.

My Site: https://koto-art.wixsite.com/mysite-1

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Thank you! Yes, they are beautiful:)



そうですねー、不思議ですよね^ - ^無駄なものは何もないなと最近改めて思ったので、書いてみました!







コメントありがとうございます(^^) そうです、写真を撮った後に気に入った感じになるまで、加工しています。楽しいですよ!

Hoo, I love it, I work great, stunning vídeo!


Yes! This video is very beautiful! I'm glad that you enjoyed it;)