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Super cute suitcase for $7 ? YES!

I have been introducing some of Convenience store lottery called Ichiban Kuji and this time they have super cute Lottery at Lawson!
Lawson is the popular convenience store as famous as Seven Eleven.
You can found Lawson everywhere in Japan.
This time Lawson had Sanrio Characters series Lottery for $7
You just go to resister and tell them that you want to try the lottery.
Each Lottery is $7 so tell them how many you want to try.
There is no "none win" ticket in the lottery so you are guaranteed to win some prize, just you do not know what you will get until you open the ticket you pick!

Let's take a look at what I won!

Super cute well made suitcase!

They are not suitcase for kids, please look at the side of the suitcase.
Do you see?
They also have TSA lock! Can you believe this? It's so amazing!
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BeFun23343333ky Collage.jpg

Lovely Trash Boxes!


Cute Melamine Tray!


3 Parfait Glass!

There are two colors and designs. I won 3 glass!
Heavy steady well made ones~!

BeFunky Collage489.jpg

Cute Pouches set!


Last one prize large cushion!

Last one prize is the prize for somebody who picks the last lottery.
So you pay last lottery for $7 and you get a prize and this last one prize!
It is almost same size as suitcase, so it's pretty big and thick!
I really like the designs, they have different designs for front and back.
BeFunky Collage45.jpg

I got all of them for about $56!

I picked the last lottery so I got the cushion for free :)
I have to say, I was very lucky because everyone picked low prizes first and there was this suitcase left, so it was worth buying all the lotteries left!
If you ever come to Japan, you should try the convenience store lottery!
Just make sure that they have the prize you want and see how many tickets and prizes left before you try it!



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Wow, a Hello Kitty suitcase! 🐱 Do you travel alot?

not really but I love this suitcase a lot!

Omg, it so cute

yes they are :D

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Thank you.

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