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Sailor Moon will protect your eyes!

In Japan, we have this super cute anime Sailor Moon packaged eye drops!
Who thought there will be a cute packaged eye drops for adults?
Yes, there might some animal packaged cute eye drops for kids but never expected to have such a cute ones when I grew up!
If you like cute things or Sailor Moon, there is no way you will miss this opportunity.

Super cute packages!

I got 3 different kind. They are all good for contact lends as well and I purchased one cool refreshing one for my brother, heart pink one for my mom and one with compact for myself :)
My sister bought the compact one for herself as well!

It come with lovely Crystal Moon Compact case to keep eye drops!

You need to put stickers to complete it, then keep the special eye drops in there.
Also eye drops are small, so it can go missing in the bag but if it's in this compact case, you can take it out quickly and other people might give you complement for how cute your eye drop case is ;)
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OMG they are so cute!


They are NOT just cute, THEY HAVE MORE BEAUTY ESSENCE in them!

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These lovely eye drops are available at drug stores in Japan!

As a Sailor Moon fa, I love these type of collaboration.
Collecting goods are sometimes overwhelming but these things are very useful.
If you have any question, please feel free to ask me!




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They look very cute, but why are you using eye drops?

I use them often during summer because of allergy.
Now I have cute ones! yay~!

大人になったのでコンパクトも買えるしww( *´艸`)


very great this publications and very beautiful these accessories. I am new and I am following you. regards

Thank you and good luck

Wow very creative people as i say always beautiful it looks too : )

yeah it's not just cute, they look beautiful too!


Kawaii indeed!


What do you mean?

Is my Japanese messed up? I mean you can try to promote a thing that gives a good influence to the global environment. Like anything that is fun but doesn't take too much to produce it.

Oh ok, you really meant what you said.
I thought it was little jerk things to say... I took it as “why are you posting useless stuff?” I am allowed to write what I want. Why don’t you do it? I appreciate your advice tho


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lovely write for anime in this day
thank you for sharing

Thank you!

Thank you!