Nihongofoto | Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner | Lesson 09

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[Goya Champuru Stir Fry, Kochi City, KOCHI]

Nihongofoto Japanese Lesson 09

I feel blessed to have a girlfriend who can cook dishes, like the one above, for me on a regular basis. This Okinawan dish is called Goya Champuru which roughly translates to Bitter Melon Stir Fry. It's delicious but the bitterness ensures it isn't for everyone's palate.

Since rice is a staple in all Japanese meals, each meal references "gohan" which is rice. For example "Asagohan" literally translates to "morning rice" i.e Breakfast.

🇯🇵 朝ご飯 / Asagohan / 🇬🇧 Breakfast

🇯🇵 お昼ご飯 / Ohirugohan / 🇬🇧 Lunch

🇯🇵 晩ご飯 / Bangohan / 🇬🇧 Dinner

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