Nice to meet you, Steemit 🌱✨ I will post from Japan. Thanking you in advance.

in #japan4 years ago

Nice to meet you. I am Japanese and live in Osaka, Japan. There are few Japanese in Steemit, but please make friends.
I also read and comment on various articles. Well I posted it several times and got used to Steemit a bit. So I have not introduced myself to Steemit yet. Although I am unfamiliar English, I will try hard while I am having fun. Here I would like to post articles about nature, animals and healing health mainly.
I am a girl who has plenty of dreams in my 50's. My hobby is squatting and hula dancing. Japan is now in summer and the beer has a delicious season.


Welcome! I hope you will get many steemit friends!

Thank you 😊

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