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Top 2 Misspellings of My Name by Japanese People (Notes from Under the Tatami Mats–79 … My Adventures in Japan)

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I lost my 5 steem just because of you. This is a small amount for you but it is my 3 days earning. Please don't bid big amount in last 2 minutes in booster. You bid 50 steem in last 2 minutes and there is no max bid limit. So we got a huge loss. :( :(

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I lost my 3 days earning. :( please don't do this. please sir. You are rich but I am poor. 5 steem is a big amount for me.

I'm sorry, but on SteemBotTracker, there is no statement of "Details" re Booster's bids. Therefore, I cannot tell if you have made any bid or not.

I do not want to bring "a huge loss" to anyone. So please understand that when I bid, I will never do so if I know that someone else will suffer.

Please explain to me how could you lose 5 steem simply from my bid? Is it because you got a negative ROI?

If that's simply because you had a greater expected ROI before I made my bid, then that's not something I can control. That's the nature of the bid bots. You make a bid, and sometimes you come out ahead. Other times, you might come out behind.

(When I was first learning the bidding process, I also lost "huge" amounts." I did not ask others to change their bidding strategy. Everyone is free to bid as they can and as they choose.)

So, to clarify, you did not "lose 5 steem just because of" me. You lost it because of the bid bots and the bidding process.

Please answer my above 2 questions. I'd really like to know.

Booster is not showing details in bottracker. So please go in transfer history and check first who have already sent a bid. And then send max suggested bid amount.

There is only 75 steem limit for getting 10% ROI in booster right now. People have already bid 90 steem in that round and then you come and bid 50 in last 2 minutes. So we get a huge loss. I think we got minus 70 ROI vote.

Yes i always look at booster history before i used it. At this time i have not sent any steem for join round. Actually when i see you sent 50 steem in last two minutes, i wonder why did you do it. Pls, do not misunderstand me @majes.tytyty, but you can lose your steem too much in this way. i just want to explain this situation. But i respect your all bidbot strategy.

Have a nice day ..

I'll just continue to use SteemBotTracker. I don't have time to comb thru anyone's transaction history. Nor the desire.

Thanks for your info.

Of course @majes.tytyty , it is your choice and as i said above i respect your choice.

Have a nice day again. Good luck for your work

Why do you take the instant vote? Post it now and send 2 hours before the round end. So other people won't send bid if the bot is already full. If you get a vote in 2 hours nevertheless you post will be in the hot section.

You sent 50 steem and you will receive only 40 steem. You got free votes even then you will receive only 40 steem. Then tell me, sir, what benefit did you get for taking instant vote?

Booster doesn't have max bid limit so we can get a huge loss if anyone send bid in last minutes. But in other bots there is max bid limit so if we send there our post will go in the next round.

To ask me to go to Booster's transfer history and comb thru his "Received" amounts is a bit ridiculous!

First, I'd have to search for all the "Received" entries. Then I'd have to determine the time at which the bids were made, to see if they are made for this round or not. Then I'd have to calculate the total bid amounts.

I don't have time for that, nor does anyone else.

I suggest you go to SteemBotTracker, and there you can see which bid bots have a Min ROI that you find acceptable. Also, then you can time your bids appropriately, such that most of your bids will turn out profitable.

Here's the link ...

Please familiarize yourself with that.
If you look at that, it states clearly that Booster's "Min ROI" is 0%. That means that you could NOT have "got a minus 70 ROI vote."

Sir booster wrote wrong in steembottracker. There is no minimum ROI in booster. If there is any minimum ROI then you will not got 10 steem loss. In 0% ROI, we will not in profit nor in the loss. But you have lost 10 steem even you got some free big votes. Just go and check coming author rewards.

You send 50 and you got $16 upvote. How do you think that you will get any profit? For 50 steem, vote value should be $21 for getting 50 steem back. But you got $16 upvote and this is a huge loss.

I now see that the Booster's "Min ROI" is not functional. Thanks for the info.

But you should also be careful when you vote. The best way to ensure that you do not lose money is to use SteemBotTracker. To blame me for your loss is not very decent.

If you don't check the transfer history in the booster and everytime you send 50 steem in last 2 minutes then you will lose your money and other people money too who have already bid.

I'll just continue to use SteemBotTracker. I don't have time to comb thru anyone's transaction history. Nor the desire.

Thanks for your info.

I just stumbled on this debate and it is a very knotty argument. I understand your points quite well. They seem valid to an extent. Yet, I think the petitioners too have some valid concerns too. It all depends on perspectives. When next we chat, I will discuss this matter if I remember. In all, @booster is a cheat.

Yes, after I realized the full details, I sympathized with the petitioner(s). Let's chat about it soon.

I am online now, if you have little time.