although you said the food didn't taste very good, it sure looks delicious in your photos. I love street food stalls

Yeah. Looks good but doesn’t taste nice. Well.

Hopefully the next time you have street food it will be delicious

@jrvacation I have never been to this part of Harajuku!! spent some times at the busy area... 😄 I went to Tsukiji market to find some nice foods...

Have you been to Harajuku? Then you sure pass by this, it’s just beside Takeshita street. Only during new year period there will be pop up street food stalls. Usually it’s just a normal street. Thanks for dropping by!

It looks very interesting place, I hope I can visit it :D @jrvacation

Thanks. Japan is a beautiful country.


Yeah. Inside Meiji shrine there is another food fair. We always go there after countdown.

i always avoid going to Harajuku! so crowded ahaha. Going on NYE must be.... packed full to the brim

Its NYE so everywhere is crowded, Shibuya is even worse, too many rowdy tourists. Here is better. Mostly Japanese.

Thats so great food :) love it !

Big UP!

Haha the food is not really nice though.

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Did you stay for the sunrise over Ometesando?

Carnie food is almost never good and over priced, especially when you have great food everywhere around you in Japan.

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