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By now you all know I've been to Negril once or twice. And I like to take pictures of people when I go. It's a memory just like any photo, but there's something different about photos of people. I don't really know how to explain how or why either. But I will try to express my thoughts a little.

Jamaica 2014 177.jpg
Strength & The Future

To me, it expresses the realness and character of Jamaica through the faces of those I have captured through various photographs. You can see the authenticity the people convey through personal experiences behind each one. We may not know specifics or the real story, but we can imagine in our own ways to bring out various thoughts and feelings. Whatever they might be.
Strength, anguish, perseverance, struggle, faith, love, truth.

Whatever it may be, it's something to appreciate. These two women and their children express - in my eyes - strength and the future.

Women are becoming what they should have always been treated as and children will continue to change and pave the way for generations to come. This photo is very much so a representation of Jamaica. The then and now. Although it features not everything Jamaica, it represents a portion that is strong just as the future will be, too.


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one of the reasons that made the jamaican people,culture,music and tradition to become popular all over the world is their realness,majority of jamaicans are so real and also love been themselves...i love the photo you shared because it shows the realness of an average jamaican,no faking it or trying to live a fake life to impress people,they live a happy life without been too worried about their present condition..happiness is life...thanks for sharing @super-irie

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Nice insight and real prospective.

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Ya mon, Jamaica got a lot of "real" people.
The future is now ;)

You’ve been, you know,
you experienced.
It’s reality can not
be denied.

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