Shottas 2002 Movie

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Lately i saw on tv this movie which i have watched years ago (10-15?) yet i still remembered it and enyoed.

This movie is the story of two young boys - Wayne (Spragg Benz) and Bigs (Ky-Mani Marley) who grew up together in the dangerous and poor area of Kingston, Jamaica. At a very young age, they robbed and injured a truck driver, and spent the money on visas to go to the United States. There they continued their gangster habits on the streets of Miami. Wayne was not deported to Jamaica long after, but there he continued to do illegal business by extorting money from wealthy businessmen. Bigs was deported a few years later. After some time, they both set off again to the USA, taking their buddy Max (Paul Campbell) with them. Together with him they begin to rob drug dealers and make them pay for "protection".

The movie is full of reaggae and reggaeton music with a good plot if you like gangsta and drug dealer oriented films.


Not my kind of film, but I can see it would have appeal for some. Thank you for the review :)

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