Because Reggae also sounds and smells like Woman - #2 - [Kelissa]

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A few days ago I made a first publication where I announced that I would make a deserved recognition to women who have had a very positive impact on the development of Reggae, and continue to do so. Click hereto see who was the first to be honored in this series of post.

In the first delivery I spoke about an artist who has been a warrior from an early age, in this opportunity I will not be short of saying that the character I bring today to enhance is so deserving of respect both in musical art and in everyday life, she is: (apart from beautiful)

Kelissa Mcdonald

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There are qualities that seem to be carried in the blood, are born with them, but if in addition to that is maintained in an environment that allows them to develop, the result will always be a human wonder, an expression of the best of his being, and is the case of the beautiful Jamaican woman Kelissa.

Daughter of musicians of recognized trajectory, born in and raised within the Rastafarian philosophy, she is a good representative of what this culture means.

She lived music before she was born. She welcomed me into the world and takes me home wherever I am."

Since she was a child she showed her singing skills, when she was still a child she joined a musical group called "Rainbow Riddims ", here she dedicated herself and learned to play several instruments in addition to demonstrating her passion for dance.

*The physical interpretation of sound in motion, as well as the use of the body to create sound, has added a deeper dimension to my understanding of music.

She won an undergraduate scholarship to study at Whittier College in the United States, where her education was basically in music, she learned about music production, was co-founder of a music group (Black Arts and Cultural Dance). She also had the opportunity to live in Africa (Tanzania, Ethiopia and Ghana). In the latter city she also studied at the University of Ghana and expanded her musical qualities where she learned to play other instruments and made different kinds of experiences on stages, street, discos, among others,

In 2015 he recorded Keep my Head Up, undoubtedly one of his greatest hits, here is the original video, you can enjoy it.

Another example of his great successes and in which you can appreciate not only his beautiful voice but

She has also participated in other great hits with music personalities such as Keznamdi in the song "Live For Today", example of this collaboration is the following, in which we can see her singing, playing instrument and dancing:

Already knowing her a little more, of her genetics and breeding, of all her training, I allowed myself the audacity of the following:

Edited imageSource1Source2Emoji de Bitmojiapp

EEEh, well, she didn't say yes or no, but I can interpret her gesture, I imagine that she is very tired hahaha... At least I tried...

We will continue to meet and enjoy other great Reggae artists, see you soon.

To be able to have contact or follow her more closely (eye, not so close that I have them watched jejeje). Here are the links that go directly to their networks:



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@josevas217, For sure it's reflecting as she is living music. Musical Generation reflects the true meaning of Music. Stay blessed.

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Yeah, she's music, dancing, singing. It's art, not just because of how beautiful it is.


👍 👍

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