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RE: Rasta Unity Featuring Lutan Fyah - Youth Rize Up - Song Review with Lyrics.

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Hey @botefarm, firstly, I am using for the automated part of what I am doing here. Once you give it posting authority, it has lots of customization options. Then I create a new rule for each content creator I want to support, set the vote weight and timing, number of posts per day, my minimum VP and the tags to vote on. This is the important one and why I use steemrewarding over other services. For example, the vote for your posts from this account will only happen on posts you create with jahm or reggaesteem tags. This account won't vote on your sportstalk posts for example. This set up has lots of other options I don't usually change.

You can also set it to follow the manual votes from you main account. So, if your @botefarm account votes on a post, and you set it so @botefarm.jahm follows your vote only on jahm or reggaesteem posts, then it will. I haven't set that up for this account, but it is a good option to follow your manual votes from @botefarm.

I hope that all helps, not saying it is the right way for everyone, just something that works for me. I still double check most of the votes, and keep an eye out to make sure those set for automatic support continue to produce good content. Always prepared to change settings if I need to.

If you need any more help, you can hit me up on discord mate.



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I'll surely hit you up on discord, mine is working but I don't know why it's missing some post, if you're getting very good on your curationn account, I'll rather follow the account you're following to save myself the stress

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