Jaclyn Hill Filing Divorce?? Damning Evidence!

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There has been a ton of rumors lately speculating a looming Jaclyn Hill divorce. Usually, these rumors are far-fetched, but lately there has been several signs that it could possibly be true! Jaclyn has said in the past that their relationship has been rocky. They have separated more than once due to sobriety issues, but always have gotten back together. So, is Jaclyn Hill Filing for Divorce? Let's look at damning evidence and you be the judge...

No Wedding Ring: Jaclyn Hill has been married to her husband, Jon Hill, since 2009. However, she has always featured her wedding ring "loud and proud" on all her youtube and social media pages. Since the end of February, she has been seen around Los Angeles and instagram without her wedding ring. This is very unlike her. She was also not wearing her ring in her latest Youtube video dated March 12, 2018.
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Youtube & Social Media: When reviewing both Jon Hill and Jaclyn Hill's social media, they both stopped featuring each other on their pages around mid-February. Jon Hill has also been missing from his on his own Youtube channel and social media for over a month.

Unfollows: One of the biggest signs that point to an impending divorce is Jaclyn Hill stopped following her husband on Twitter! The date seems to correspond with the wedding ring removal as well. He still follows her on Twitter as of today, March 18, 2018.
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Cryptic Messages: On March 4, 2018, She recently posted a message on Twitter possibly referring to the stresses of marriage. Of course, it could be a generic post about how busy she is in her career. Maybe both?
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With all this being said, it's not totally unusual for couples to follow and then unfollow their partner's social media. Hopefully everyone is reading the signs and signals wrong, but we will see in due time. What do you think? Is there trouble in paradise for Jaclyn and Jon Hill? Sound off in the comments.

Truthfully, I think Jaclyn is a smart and beautiful woman on the inside and out. I wish nothing but the best for her and her hubby.

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Oh my gosh, I am so glad I found you from reddit!! I’m a steemit next, too! Please come follow me at Tiredlady!! Can you recommend other beauty community accounts here on Steemit?! I am also in insta at tiredladyinpinkrobe, youtube at Tiredlady. My aim is to move from youtube to steemit because youtube is such a cesspool! So glad I found you! Yay!!!

But about this whole situation, I am honestly heart broken for her, this isn’t about makeup, but someone’s life.