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Have you seen Snow Piercer? It's a TV show based on some books. Instead of a the world being a desert in the future as seen in Mad Max or controlled by robots as seen in the Matrix, Wall-E, Terminator, etc, and instead of being under water as seen in Water World or on a bunch of planets as seen in The Expanse and Star Trek, Snow Piercer is a series where we have an Ice World instead of a Water World.

Divide & Conquer
A major theme in Snow Piercer is the us vs them mentality. The poor people are in the back of the train. Some of them are black. The rich people are in the front and most of them are white. It appears as if that white lady has too many strawberries. But can't other people make trains too? How long will this ice age last? Why not make big cities under ground? Can people not dig into the earth to survive? Does the train have to never stop moving around the world? They are promoting what Black Lives Matters promotes, that we must take from the rich to give to the poor. They are promoting communism among other things.

I say, "Work hard and play harder."

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Oatmeal Daily - 2020-06-19 - Friday
Published in June of 2020

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Check out Lauren Southern

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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Promote Real Value

12:29 AM - Hive

I agree that American leaders should not promote centralized fiat currencies and should instead recommend gold, silver, Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, bartering, salt, sand, metal, water, natural resources, technology, time, information, services, etc.

Warning of Corporations

12:34 AM - Hive

I agree that we should openly warn people of the dangers of the corporations which grow out of governmental collusion.

Seeking Balance in Government

12:29 AM - Hive

Pushing towards anarchy does not make globalism disappear. So, promoting anarchy is a mechanism for minimizing government. Hypothetically, actual anarchy would be dangerous and even the fake news is right about that. Globalists can cry that anarchy will bring us chaos and they are not wrong. But it is hypothetical because we always have governments coming and going of all sizes. Your head is the government of your body. The father is the government of a family, and so on and so forth. There are power vacuums where power comes up when other governments go down. Governments always try to get bigger and bigger, as in too big. Pressing toward anarchy means countering the press that too many people have towards 1984 authoritarianism, totalitarianism, plutocracy, corporatism, technocracy, fascism, tyranny, globalism, etc.

Are you guys a bunch of babies?

12:49 AM - Hive

Government may or may not be organized crime. Well, actually, too many times in history, governments have conducted organized crime, directly, indirectly, partly, completely, for thousands of years, globally, in different ways, of course. But government is simply a system that exists in natural law. We should try to govern ourselves with the help of free markets and private property rights. We could call some of that anarchy. I believe in promoting anarchy as a counter against being allegedly safe by big government. I promote getting rid of as much taxes, regulations, red tape, bad laws, background checks where people have to wait for months before they can buy and take home guns, etc, as much as possible, I want to get rid of taxes, etc. I would love for no government but the problem is when you have no government, then other governments come in and invade. And so, the smaller the government, the bigger you need to be. So, many people are not ready for that. So, we always have to try to help people to take care of themselves as opposed to treating government like it is their mommy and daddy and that is what I told Vietnamese people in Saigon, Vietnam. I was saying, "Hey guys, are you a bunch of babies?"

Good Bad Israel

01:10 AM - Hive

Like I said, we are talking about several different things simultaneously. I'm aware of everything you said. But it is not simply a question of who is biologically related to Noah because all humans come from Noah. Therefore, not relevant. Not important. The government in Israel should be as good as possible. But like I said before, the ruling entities in that area have problems. I do not endorse globalists. I do endorse Israel. But I when I say Israel, I mean the people there in general. But of course, you got Israelis, Palestinians, etc. A Jewish person, biologically, are people who descend from not Noah but from Abraham or Moses or David or wherever the starting point should be. But the nation of Israel, today, is not the same as it was thousands of years ago. So, the country came back in 1948. But did Israel really come back in 1948 is a highly debated question. Regardless, globalists and other monsters were behind the alleged resurrection of Israel in 1948. That is not good. So, I am against the globalists and those who work with them.

Owning Land in Israel

01:21 AM - Hive

Your example about Germany and evicting people is not relevant. We are talking about many different things simultaneously and people are guilty of conflating different things together. I believe in private property rights. If something is your land, then it is yours. It should be yours. Perhaps, bad people stole some land from some people in Israel, in Palestine, in the Middle East in general. That kind of thing happens all the time and that is not good. Maybe somebody stole land and gave it to me. I might say the land is mine. And I would want to keep it even if it was stolen. I would believe it was mine because it was given to me. In regards to Israel, of course the borders, the size of the country, the Gaza Strip, the territory, has changed over the years. So, who owns what and when and where is a good debate to have. Generally speaking, for too long, the so-called government would claim and allegedly own the lands of their so-called country. So, it really depends on what happened in 1948 when Israel was allegedly made into a nation. You might be conflating things I said. I mentioned race and religion and other things. You respond by saying that religion is not race. of course not. I did not say it was the same. Again, you might be interjecting. I am telling you different things. I try to say many different things at the same time. I am not trying to say one thing but different things. But I do believe in private property rights. Sadly, governments tend to violate private property rights and that is a big problem in the world since the dawn of time.


2020-06-19 - Friday - 01:28 AM - 02:19 AM - Vikings 610

They make plans as Iva comes. They hold flags. Big battle. Iva teamed up with so called Christians and in the end, spoiler alert, they win.

Space Force

02:30 AM - Space Force 101

It makes fun of Trump and many things.

Snow Piercer

2020-06-19 - Friday - 02:52 AM - 03:40 AM - Snow Piercer

Six years from departure of the snow piercer. They circle the world. Depopulation the train just like what Bill Gates does with vaccines in real life in stopping people from having babies. Dreadlocks. Actor who was a general of the Negan army in The Walking Dead. Only one homicide detective on the train. Oh, it's not like other people can't learn how to be homicide detectives. I'm being sarcastic. Forty degrees below outside it seems at times in some places in the world which led to some of them trying to board the train. Gardens on the train cars. The black guy is mad that they can't share. The show is hinting at communism, that we have to share and that there is always more than enough to go around. They fight the army. In reality, they would have robots, drones, fighting the slaves. This show promotes Black Lives Matter in what they did in Chaz Chop Seattle as they fight and murder to take over the train. It's not their train.

Rick & Morty

2020-06-19 - Friday - 03:51 AM - 04:13 AM - Rick And Morty 406

Wolverine twin tells a story of when Rick came and killed some of his men. He wants revenge. Bird and a person. A train. Half of it. Ticket man cut in half. Real but not real. Jesus saved them. It all happened in a train. Then the bad guy told Jesus and he derailed the train.


11:10 AM - The Last of Us 2 - Part 2 (LIVE)

Lauren Southern

11:15 AM - Why I left, and why I’m back.

Hi all! Thank you for watching and for considering supporting my future documentary endeavors. I'm looking forward to chatting to you via live stream on Subscribestar in the next couple of weeks. Link Below!


If you would like to help with the documentary making process in another way perhaps you have studio space, insider access or any other documentary related support. You can contact: [email protected]

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Lauren_Southern
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/laurencheriie/

Banning Katie Hopkins

11:19 AM - Twitter

Twitter banned Oatmeal Joey Arnold, Katie Hopkins, Alex Jones, etc, and is trying to ban Trump too. You're next if you haven't been already.

Lauren Southern

Why I left, and why I’m back.

Lauren Southern took a year off in 2019. She is back as seen in this video in 2020. In this video she talked about how she got married, had a son. She talked about the value of nuance as the world is complex. It's not that all cops are bad or good. Everything is not always binary. Things can be complex and we should have an attitude and mentality of I don't know. Documentaries are priceless. We should not be afraid to question things. We should be careful of being stuck in stereotypes or specific political parties.

Lisa Haven

11:42 AM - Scientists 10yr Prediction Just Came True! You Won’t Believe What He Says Is About To Happen


11:46 AM - Alex Jones Will Eat His Neighbor: Part 2

General Shepherd

11:47 AM - Alex Jones 1st Hr June 19, 2020

Hemmas Stash

11:57 AM - Full House LOST EPISODES?! - The Legend of Full House Season 9

Hemmas Stash

11:59 AM - Fuller House Season 5 Part 2 Review! - The Final Episodes (Full House Season 13 Part 2 Review!)

Accepting New Friends

03:52 PM - Facebook

Accepting new friends for the purpose of learning, sharing, caring, and networking.

Baked Blunts

04:00 PM - I Wanna Be Crazy Like Alex Jones

Samuel Honnold

04:20 PM - Mortal Kombat, Endurance & Prophecy VOTD 2Co10:9-11

Doing Crime to Talk Crime

04:30 PM - Hive

Did you not read my comment? I said that government does crime. Are you going to do crime too by taking me out of context?


04:30 PM - 09:00 PM - Did Joseph eat pizza? Did his name means he who adds to you another son as well, old Ben Kenobi of Star Wars or just he who adds in general? Did you have photographic memory as a kid? See footnotes regarding after that. Did he eat some salad? Are there lesbians in children shows? Is anything that is not perfect a sin? Can you pick up your laundry? Did you see Daniel in the Lion's Den in the Bible? WHo is She Raw of the reboot? Is it woke as in soy? Were you drinking a bunch of almond milk and not soy milk? Are you allergic to grass or what? Do you like organizing things? Did you enjoy the apple juice and the phone camera? Did the turtle come to live with the Crater? The answer was not exactly and not forever. The turtle was working on different things and had different projects and plans happening simultaneously. It's a puzzle. The turtle met with the new ant. Part two added a new show to the list. I think it is called twin peaks. The turtle is taking notes and make look at that. Led communion.


04:13 AM - 11:00 AM - Sleep - 7 hours.
Breakfast: apple. Coffee. Almond milk.
01:00 PM - 04:00 PM - Chores. Dishes. Shed organizing like yesterday. Scanning more. 1992 fair. Going to first grade Sunday school diploma. Bumbaloe article I wrote during high school, maybe 2002. Got a lot done out there. A bit on the woods too as usual. Hope things continue to bloom. Shower.
Lunch: pea or lentil soup. Almond milk. Coffee.
Stephanie NicoleLynn Brush said here that she is tired of fake people, friends, others, who may be fake and who may stab her in the back and other things. I commented and said I agree and stuff. I left the comment probably a few days ago or whenever it was. She wrote the post in May of 2020. It appears that as of the last hour, she and another person left a comment on my comment and then deleted my comment after an hour. So, I didn't see it. But she may think I am fake or bad or who knows what.
04:30 PM - 09:00 PM - Genesis. Joseph. Dinner: pizza. Salad. Watermelon. Apple juice. Almond milk. 09:00 PM - 10:30 PM - Big garage. More organizing. Kitchen items. Paint items. Boxes. Empty shelves now. 10:30 PM - 12:00 AM - Nap. Imagine having a twin. Sympathy. Empathy. Michael Jackson reminder. Think about his thoughts in how he didn't want to look like his father. So, imagine that mirror. There can be more to be said regarding choices. Reflection. Inflection. Not binary. It's not that simple. Different sides. Rebel car. Plans for a Tuesday.

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