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Game of Thrones 804 - Facebook Has Billions of Employees - During worship, I thought about the process of life of going up the hill and then over and down the hill - @stefan.molyneux - Freedomain Livestream - Free Speech and Ask Me Anything! - Trump may be blind to only what Trump wants to see. Trump may not see how bad 5G, geoengineering, technocracy, Big Pharma, etc, is, are..... How do we get Trump to see what we see? Started reviewing September 2014. Internet & Sleep problems.

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Game Of Thrones Episode Discussion - Season 8 Episode 4

Some highlights from Sunday, the 5th of May of 2019, as follows:

Sunday School

09:00 AM - 10:30 AM - In Sunday School, we talked about Christ knocking on the door of the church. How did he get outside? We talked about that chapter in our book, the Church in Babylon, I think chapter 9. Remind people we are sinners. Remind sinners and saints alike, that is before they are saved and after as well as both is needed for a few reasons we can get into later. It is important to remember that we are or were sinners. So, remind them in evangelism and in discipleship, those two times. Christians may sometimes do so. We some times remind people that we are sinners but we may turn the saints off as they can think that they already know this and that they don't need to listen. Billy Graham was more focused on preaching to sinners as opposed to saints as well. Well, he probably also helped saints as well. But saints can grow in their walk with Christ and a reminder of their depravity without Christ can help them with eternal perspective. It can take some time to explain this. The point is that discipleship is crucial. Perspective helps people in discipleship. Where we come from helps us in that perspective which helps us in discipleship, in growing. #SteemChurch


In the Star Wars Sequels, the idea of being lukewarm in the good and the bad, in fifty shades of grey gray, in the dark and light sides of the force, of the ying and yang, in finding yoga new age Luciferianism Angel of Light balance that looks good but is a counterfeit, is being promoted, as seen in the new movies made in the 2010's, in The Force Awakens, in The Last Jedi, and now in the Rise of Skywalker, episodes 7, 8, and 9. Likewise, in church, in religions, in philosophy, in our pursuit for eternal principles, in life in general, we can seek balance and in mixing and in compromising and these things can be good and yet there is a dangerous of doing the opposite of balancing in doing so as mixing water with poison is not a good idea. Balance is good when you are balancing good things with good things. Also, it is good to minimize the bad which is viewed as a type of balancing away from the bad. But that does not mean that the bad is good and that we must and should get more bad if we are too good. Yes, it is good to experience life and to learn what it is like to live in the real world which contains evil. That is good. But we should not dive into the bad too deeply, too hardly. We can talk more about that later. There is so much original oatmeal in that. Look up Keith Green. Think about the developmentally disabled (DD). Reproduce reproducers. Some of us should the helpless and some of us should focus more on helping the helpers who help the helpess as we are the body of Christ and we have different functions, talents. We can choose to either be outlets of the Jordan River in Israel to let the rivers and many Indian Waters flow and flow like milk and honey of abundance of grace and mercy of the Promise Land or we can choose to bury our talents like a parable described in stopping the rivers like the Dead Sea, no the Sea of Galiee, and each day we make those choices. Church With Out Walls (C-WOW = not COW). Thinking about making a video or something of Green Eggs & AJ. Oh, the evil AJ. Oh, don't go to the Alex Jones website of Infowars.com. Right? Will Facebook ban you if you just speak his name. Make a parody where you talk bad about AJ to say you will not have Green Eggs & AJ on a plane, a bus, here, there, or anywhere. No ham about it. No beef about it. Star Rocket. Display ads in the sky like New York City NYC everywhere. Coming to a sky near you, geoengineering times ten thousands with stuff in the sky to nuke us with 5G and many things. Are we going to try to stop it? Are we going to tell other people about this stuff or will we let it kill us?

Morning Worship Service

11:00 AM - 12:30 PM - Facebook - During worship, I thought about the process of life of going up the hill and then over and down the hill as the idiom and concept reveals in a visualization of going up and down. It is not just an idiom that should be forgotten too quickly. For the first time ever in my life, I really focused on this idiom of being over the hill, meaning of being too old. We start out as small in small bodies. We are not small in spirit. Who we are does not change. We are something deep inside ourselves. We can disagree with what we might call it, be it our conscience, soul, spirit, heart, brain, mind, or whatever, but it is who we are at the core and we experience life from that core, that center, that driver's seat, that eternal perspective. We began life in a small tricycle. As we age, as we grow up, that tricycle evolves and mutates into a bike, then a car, then a jeep, then a van, then a truck, then a bus, then a tank, then a airplane, then a spaceship, and then as we get older, a ship, and then a submarine. We change, we get bigger, and then we get smaller as we get over the hill. I was thinking about this concept while looking at a baby. I was thinking that a baby can cry because the baby does not know what he or she cannot have or do. It can be frustrating as babies when we don't know what we don't know. As we become elderly, we began to become babies again, but in that merging, as we get older, we can at least know what the babies don't, that we can no longer do certain things as much, as often, in that decline. I was also thinking about how we have different hills. Is that the hill you are willing to die on? Good question. But that question is a different idiom for another day. Pick your battles, the hills, that you want to die on. I digress with rabbit trails. But back to the idea of going up and over hills, we all may have different hills as we all are different. We may go up and down the hills differently in different ways at different speeds as each person is unique. Once you go over the hill, can you go back up it again? Are you over the hill or over the mountain? Can we make our hills bigger? I have many questions like that. Back to the baby thing, it is really interesting to think about the meaning of life and about how we go through it. We could have been given adult bodies at birth. Our souls are the same. Our whatever is the same as we grow up and then die. We experience life. Is that the meaning of life? We are given things slowly and we learn about them and then those things are taken from them. So, we are given opportunities of experiencing many different things through the process of the cradle to the grave. There is a lot that can be said in all of this. There is so much i want to say about this. I'm thinking about writing more. I'm thinking about making videos trying to explain these things. Older people can struggle in different ways than babies do. An old person can cry not because he or she does not know like the baby but because he or she does know which is the opposite experience from that of a baby which could be another lesson or something. Is this too deep for you? Did I dig you too deep, as in six feet under deep lol or are you not over that hill yet?

Blind Trump

01:52 PM - Twitter - Trump may be blind to only what Trump wants to see. Trump may not see how bad 5G, geoengineering, technocracy, Big Pharma, etc, is, are..... How do we get Trump to see what we see? - How do get Trump to see what we see? Trump generally only sees what Trump wants to see. It seems Trump is not focused enough on the problems we have with 5G, geoengineering, technocracy, Big Pharma, China, and especially technocracy among variations of other things including Jihadism to some extent.


02:07 PM - right when ya drunk What do you think it is like? Alter Ego, feelings exaggerated, or your truth? A bit of all three, but generally it is emotional first.

DNS Debate

02:16 PM - Infocomms Thread - Temujin wrote: "I’m sure that there are those that already know this, but this is for those that do not. Check to see if you’re using and (fckn Google) for DNS on your computer/phone. If you are, change to and (there are more but this should be sufficient). Make the change even if you’re not currently experiencing issues, as they’ll link your address/Mac (if not using proxy) to where you go on the net. I had to change it on my phone, as I overlooked making that change… until I noticed a whole lot of name resolution errors. POS Google!!! If they own it, it’ll be used in their tyrannical efforts. Crap, using Android… just a matter of time." Me: "What can Google do to my Ubuntu laptop, specifically? I know, spy on me. Watch me. Anything beyond that? Can it hijack my computer to borrow it for computing things, for using up my CPU, my RAM, for renting out my hard drive? Can it steal my files, change my files, delete files on my computers, put in viruses, bugs, etc, into my computer, slow my computer down, break my computer, flag my IP when I try to go to certain websites, etc, or what?"

Facebook Banned These Websites

02:24 PM - List of pages, movements, groups, websites, communities, that was removed off Facebook in 2018 in October on the 11th on a Thursday, specifically

5G Sun Tanning Fun

02:33 PM - i love 5G because my microwave is not big enough to sun bathe in

Saving The Internet

02:34 PM - Saturday Night Emergency Infowars Show - May 4th, 2019

You Can See Facebook Without Having a Facebook

02:43 PM - You Can GOOGLE Facebook Even If You DO NOT have Facebook. You Can SEE FACEBOOK WITHOUT LOGGING INTO FACEBOOK. Some People THINK YOU CANNOT DO THAT. But You Can Do That on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Etc. You Can Visit Without Having an Account. Did you know that? Some people seem to have that excuse. Some people say that they cannot see something because they don't have a Facebook or a Twitter or something. You can Google Search for Facebook pages, posts, and then find them. You can click on the links to see them. Yes, they may tell you that you have to have an account. Yes, these websites will tell you that you have to log into Facebook to see Facebook. They make you think that. They try to force you to log in before visiting Facebook. But that is not true. You can still see Facebook without logging into Facebook. You can see Twitter even without a Twitter Account. Just like YouTube. As long as the content, pages, channels, videos, posts, pictures, things, groups, profiles, etc, are public, you can see even if you are not logged into it. My thread about Facebook was flagged and probably removed. Why? I was trying to educate people on how Facebook works. Why? Because people need to understand how Facebook works if they want to fight against censorship. In my post, I said that you can visit Facebook without logging into Facebook. Why? Because I'm always seeing people say that they can't see what is on Facebook because they don't have a Facebook account. That is not true. You can still see public posts, content, videos, pictures, pages, groups, profiles, things, on Facebook. Yes, they tell you that you have to log into Facebook to see what is on Facebook and they do try to make you register (sign-up) and log into Facebook each time but you don't have to in order to see some of what is on Facebook. Yes, you can't comment, search, or navigate very well without having a Facebook account. It can be tough if you are not logged into Facebook, but not impossible. People can Google or Duck Duck Go search for keywords, for things they are looking for on Facebook in case they want to investigate something, research something, and then you can save the links, bookmark the links on your web browsers, on paper, in Word Documents, text files, in emails, on websites, the links, the things. I wrote a post on the Infocomms talking about these things because it appears as if many people don't know this and I always thought everybody knew this. So, I posted this in order to discourage the excuse some people may have in that they don't know anything about what is on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and websites like that, because they're not on it, and that is not technically and completely true. Owen Shroyer: So, I posted information about it and my post was flagged. Owen Shroyer talked about free speech on the Infocomms. My post was flagged and I think it was removed as well. That discourages me from contributing on the Infocomms and from offline activism. I'm only trying to educate people on how things work.

Facebook Has Billions of Employees

03:14 PM - 03:57 PM - Facebook Has Billions of Employees - Please send Mark a letter and ask him that. Mark is making a lot of money off us, the product. We are the product, the service, that they sell. We might not be employees, technically, but close enough.

Dreams vs Memories

04:57 PM - @hopehuggs - Die With Memories, Not Dreams - A LIfe With No Regrets: My entry into the Natural Medicine WISDOM Challenge

Mental Health

@raymondspeaks - The Characteristics of Mental Health - I replied: "Mental health is like cleaning your room. Yes, clean freaks can be too obsessive. But that is very rare. Generally, we neglect things like cleaning our room and our physical health as well. Mental health is at an even deeper level. Upvoted. Resteemed."


05:20 PM - Are there any blockchain ISP systems out there yet? Is Substratum an ISP? I have heard of different projects emerging but I'm not sure where they fit into the puzzle of how the Internet works. I like how Steem works. I like how Bit Torrent systems work from computer to computer, peer to peer, decentralized. My favorite thing is Steem, currently, but I'm open to others.

MySpace Over Facebook

05:53 PM - No. MySpace was customizable. I wrote: "I redesigned my MySpace profile. Yeah, most people didn't do that. Some people did with the help of Google. You search for some code that would change the layout of MySpace, your page. I was doing that since around 2004. I joined Facebook in 2006 but was still customizing my MySpace even in 2008 and probably longer than that. Actually, I still have a MySpace as you can see in the link. Some people say MySpace is gone. But it is still here. Yes, you may be right about the problems with MySpace and especially Facebook. I don't disagree completely with some of the problems that MySpace may have had. I am not really aware of all of those problems with MySpace. I can't totally confirm how true they may be but it wouldn't surprised me. Maybe I'm too much of a computer geek nerd weirdo to notice. I don't know a lot of computer code but I was doing web design with Mea Omnia which died. So, I do know a thing or two about Word Press, some HTML and markdown code. But at the same time, I think that MySpace was better maintained than Facebook. Yes, the principle is true that it is better when things are maintained enough and not too little. I hate Facebook and I wrote an article about that today. I prefer MySpace over Facebook. The default layouts of MySpace was bulky, probably, and not as lean and as professional as Facebook, generally speaking, basically. However, MySpace had customization options that Facebook didn't. That is what I like about MySpace. It was like what a web builder is like to some extent. You could totally redesign your MySpace wall / timeline / profile / page completely. You could put videos anywhere on the screen, even in the corners, the footers, headers, stretched out, as many as you want. More customizable than Tagged. Upvoted. Resteemed.... Great. In some ways, Steem is a decentralized version of MySpace in that each platform can design their own layout for Steem. For example, Steemit has their layout. But then Busy has a different layout for Steem. I'm making like analogy. I know it is a bit different. I was working with a friend in 2011 on Mea Omnia, like I said, which was going to be a website like MySpace, Steemit, Facebook. Mea Omnia is Latin for My Everything. The project died. We were not making money. We gave up. But I am glad that projects like Minds, Gab, Steem, Bit Torrent, Ubuntu, and others, are rising. I like Substratum. Sadly, I don't think you can do a lot of customization on MySpace as of 2019, right now. Maybe I'm wrong but last time I checked, there are not a lot options. They give you a few choices. Most of the people on MySpace now are musicians and especially sex bots. I was in college in 2006 and my friends/classmates were on Facebook. So, I joined it for fun just so that I could befriend all my friends that I had in real life on Facebook as a game because I wanted to see if I could have more than 200 friends or so. My friends had around 200 friends. That was about how many students there were in that small college, ABC, in West Virginia. My MySpace had around 800 friends which was a big number at that time. My Facebook went on to get 5,000 friends and over 20,000 followers. Maybe more than that as I think Facebook has been stealing followers from me every once in a while. Plus, I've had a few of my Facebook accounts banned. But I digress. It is too bad that people had issues with MySpace. I think people just want a simple product that is easy to use. MySpace was good for me as I could tweak with it. You too. But most people don't like to do what Tim Allen and Jay Leno like to do with tweaking up cars. To me, MySpace was like my Hot Rod. Maybe we need a site called My Safe Space.com. Maybe a site called MeMeMe.com..... I am trying to stop 5G and you are trying to stop me. You might be attacking me but I'm not really attacking you. When I say that you might be lying, that is simply a possibility. It could be inaccurate. Maybe I'm wrong. But it is not an attack on my side. I am telling you that we are calling Trump out for not locking up Obama any sooner. We are calling Trump out on so many issues. We continue to criticize and call Trump and others out to stop the technocrats, etc. That is our job. Call Trump. Tweet Trump. Tell Trump to do whatever you want Trump to do. That is our job. We must continue to do our job."

Post-Capitalism World

06:07 PM - @taskmaster4450 - The March Towards A Post-Capitalism World - I wrote: "Who will be in control of the emerging post-capitalism world, will it be decentralized projects like Steem, Minds, Gab, Ubuntu, Bit Torrent, or will it be too centralized by technocrats and globalists and crony capitalists and plutocrats and empires and tyrants like Facebook, Google, Twitter, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, IBM, YouTube, etc?..... i condemn alex jones for talking about eye-bee-em in gerrrrrrrr-man.... tyrants take as much as u put up with"

September 2014

07:07 PM - September 2014

Game of Thrones

10:53 PM - 12:29 AM - Watching - GOT 804

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