Steemit don't let me down!!! Social Networking is broken EVERYWHERE!

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Today's topic: SocialNetworks.exe has stopped working... I'm gonna share a bit of backstory, please enjoy the read. I consider this a mix of a post of Nostalgia and a Quick Review. Then I'll tell you why things are so disappointing today in the world of social networking and how I hope Steemit fixes at least SOME of our woes.

Growing up in the 90s was fun. Video games, FoxKids and KidsWB etc... what else could I ask for? Comes 1998, I had my first AT HOME taste of the internet! My peers had their own websites, some from angelfire, others their own .com's. The most I could do to get attention for myself was to post flash cartoons on NG. But then, around 2003-2005, we all got our first REAL dose of Social Networking. Finally we all had a convenient way to link up and have fun.

My first profile was on Gaia, then I hit Myspace. I didn't stay too long on those sites, I guess I just didn't fit in with the emo kids, lol. Then I found Hi5. This was the perfect social network. The people were cool, the profiles were 100% customizable (you could literally edit the entire HTML of your profile). I gave myself some flash animated banners, profile photos, friends list, comment box etc... and then new management turned it into a dating site. I moved out after that...

So the point I'm trying to make with the above paragraphs is that, social networking (seeing it for the first time) and settling in with a crowd that best fits you, was exciting and fun. It was all about "US", the users. Not Social Media... which leads me to Facebook.

Facebook was bad news. I believe it appeared around 2004, but it wasn't easy to access. It wasn't till 2006 that it fully became available and actually usable for most people. There were games like farmville, which were actually fun, and a few other attractions... but believe me when I say this, this was BAIT. Once FB had millions upon millions of users, the games disappeared and the Government got the dossier it had always wanted.

No more could people post openly without hurting someone's feelings. Facebook injected toxic media into each and every one of its users. People began to mutate into SJWs and Politically Correct freaks of nature! This is when mass censorship really started to take off. So I skipped town and signed into Google Plus!

G+ was a great experience at first. They had an easy blog system, visitors didn't have to sign up because anyone with a google account automatically had G+. You could reach the planet with your posts! This was the ultimate system for anyone writing articles, reviews and sharing media. They rolled out some neat updates like custom urls, albums and collections. Collections was the most important thing ever. All social networks (including steemit) contain a long continuous feed for every post ever made. This is TEDIOUS to dig through if you're looking through someone's profile.

Collections were like little books that visitors could read, rather than dig through your feed. I consider this the most important feature ON THE INTERNET!

Sadly, G+ succumbed to the censorship bug. I wasn't logged in one day, looked at my website... and posts were missing! I thought they just didn't post, so I logged in and found they were actually still there, just hidden from public view, all for using certain hashtags that google deemed inappropriate. Really....

Comes the crypto boom, I found out about Steemit. I made an account and found that it was actually pretty neat because, one, I'm not too concerned about making money here (I considered it a bonus if it ever happens) and two, my main interest was in a system that, if my posts ever got censored, could STILL be viewed by just clicking "show content".

Steemit to me, is a really great place to be... despite the little war going on behind the scenes, where developers are constantly fighting with the users here about how the site should be managed (especially with copyrighted content, freedom of speech etc...) I don't mind not making money if someone doesn't like my posts. As long as the information is not permanently removed and it can be seen with the click of a button, I'm all good....

But low and behold, Steemit does have functionality issues that just tick me off. It's that disorganized random feed of posts when visitors come to view my profile! I post about many different things. Arts and crafts, crypto, nostalgia, things I hate (a personal review series I made), and other things. I'd LOVE to be able to separate these posts into neat little books of collections, like on G+. Steemit has been around for a long time and it's unbelievable that they STILL haven't implemented this feature, even though some devs have stated that it's definitely possible and easy to implement... so where is it???

I've come a long way on the net, like Dorothy on the yellow brick road, only to get turned back by the guard at the door who says THE WIZARD SAYS GO AWAY!!!

I'm here at steemit, I want to use it, and I want my profile visitors to have a good time. BTW I never write posts this long... this is a first, but I've got to get the point across that most of us have gone from place to place, had to move out due to censorship and drama on those sites etc... and we NEED a solid and sound place to keep our feet on the ground! I want steemit to be my last destination.

Don't get me started on alternative social networks like Disaspora, Mastadon, etc... I'd like to pretend these sites don't exist... it's just... not healthy looking at those sites.... think Tumblr on steroids.

Well what do you think Steemit? Can we get our Collections feature going and then I can finally start the show? (along with many others). I have a LOT of things to show, like custom T-Shirts, some rare video games (prototypes), and other oddities like my research into the paranormal. Please please please give us a collections feature!!!

That's all I have to say for now. I hope to see cool new developments soon. Next time I'll talk about Dtube.

Izlude signing off for today.

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