SocialX? Steepshot? Intriguing Facebook and Instagram alts!

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I really hate Facebook... sadly I still use it, but not for long ;) This is the year I swear it off forever. Before I get into SocialX and Steepshot, let's look back shall we?

My gal invited me to Facebook to play the original Farmville, Pico World and Pet Society. I had a lot of fun... but it was a trap!!! Facebook lured millions of people to play games on their site, and when they got enough info (selling it to the NSA) they closed up shop! Yeah.. they re-added Farmville just to appease a few. But Facebook would from then on be known as an official Government Dossier. It was no longer a social... you couldn't speak freely anymore, else you might hurt someone's feelings. I swear, doesn't anyone know how to use the block button?

Enter blockchain technology! Not just for storing value, this tech is a literal machine!!! SocialX is an attempt at a social network built on the blockchain. Being in Alpha stage, it is very plain... I like it! No BS! Just add friends (I haven't done this yet), post pics and vids to your wall and go with the flow. I wonder if it's possible to post to a friend's wall... I'm sure they'll add more features soon.

Then there's Steepshot, a more established app. This one is the Instagram killer! If you have steemit, you already have Steepshot. Just log in with the required info. I trust it, but do your own research before making any plunge. These are 3rd party after all... I haven't posted to it yet, but browsing is pretty smooth! There's a lot of stuff on there I normally wouldn't see on Instagram either ;) But ultimately, it's not quite there yet. There's features to be had... they will come.

Bottom line, people want to have fun on the internet. This doesn't include having your personal info sold, being monitored/targeted, or silenced. Again, we have ignore buttons for a reason! No need to go terminating someone's account. Steemit at least lets you see hidden posts, as unpopular some things might be. Truth lives.

If you are brave and bold, check these two things out. We'll never escape the rat race, so might as well claim your user name. Remember, SocialX is not steemit, so better go grab your user name before someone else does. Keep an eye on your info, don't let anyone steal it! Have fun!

Notice: I can't post direct links for liability purposes, I'd hate to be responsible for misdirection (bad links?) You can easily find them on search engines.

Also here's some pictures of old Facebook games... those days will never return :'(

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Seems like SocialX cannot delete/hide posts the way you can on steemit (yet) also videos don't seem to work yet either. Still a ways to go, but I'd love to see it develop for sure.test.png