DTube benefits from the Steem/Steemit Update!

in izlude •  3 months ago

For those of you who use DTube and are frustrated at having those left over videos that simply don't work (just stuck on y our channel and making it look like a cluttered mess), you're going to appreciate the recent update!

I went into my channel, clicked on a few of my dead videos and changed the title to "DEPRECIATED" and added the following in the description: "This video has depreciated and will not load. Check my channel for the pinned version."

This is a far cry from being able to actually hide dead content, but it will at least help my followers determine which videos work and one ones not to click (and waste their time).

As far as I'm aware, there is no way to hide this dead content, (I'm hoping there is hehe, maybe I overlooked it? Anyone want to correct me? I would appreciate it!!!!!) But we're getting there... I can see in the near future that we'll be able to hide dead content from the timeline and clear up our channels with working videos.

Keep in mind, my node is not on right now, so my pinned vids are not connected ATM... I'm going through a personal update of my own, so don't try to view my videos yet...

Thanks devs! Much appreciated!

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